Snow wardens

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Following a lot of support from local parishes North Lincolnshire Council (NLC) launched the parish snow warden scheme.

They provide a vital point of contact in many rural areas during periods of severe winter weather.

Parish snow wardens have the direct contact details for the lead snow wardens, who work and liaise directly with the council’s winter control team to provide more effective road and footpath clearance.

If requested by parish/town councils we will provide extra salt bins, which can be put where they feel would be best (subject to risk assessment). This will help the parish decide their own priorities for snow and ice clearance.

We will supply each parish with at least one bin (maximum of three) and at least two tonnes of salt – subject to suitable locations.

Snow wardens need to lead locally on snow and ice clearance in severe weather conditions and develop priorities, along with their town/parish council, for their towns and villages.

During severe weather lead snow wardens will:

  • Communicate and liaise with the our winter control team
  • Gather information from parish snow wardens on the local situation
  • Liaise with the winter control team on using local contractors/farmers and the local parish budget.

North Lincolnshire Council has identified lead snow wardens, who will provide the link between the local areas and the council’s winter control team.

The lead snow wardens will be the lead ward members:
· Axholme North – Cllr John Briggs
· Axholme Central – Baroness Cllr Liz Redfern
· Axholme South – Cllr Ron Allcock
· Burton and Winterton – Cllr Elaine Marper
· Burringham and Gunness – Cllr Val Turner
· Broughton and Appleby – Cllr Ivan Glover
· Ridge – Cllr John England
· Brigg and Wolds – Cllr Nigel Sherwood
· Barton – Cllr Paul Vickers
· Ferry – Cllr Peter Clark

Each town and parish council has a named snow warden. They liaise with the lead snow wardens directly, not with the NLC winter control team.

During severe weather parish snow wardens will:

  • pass information to the lead snow warden on the local situation
  • liaise with the lead snow warden on using local contractors/farmers
  • contact approved local contractors/farmers and ask them to carry out clearance work subject to North Lincolnshire Council’s winter policy document
  • supervise local salting and snow and ice clearance based on the parish or town priorities
  • provide information to the lead snow warden on the work of local contractors/farmers and inform our winter control team on the state of roads and paths in their parish.
  • assist with the development of a community emergency plan for severe snow and ice conditions
  • arrange the restocking of the parish salt bins and any necessary repairs/maintenance to the bins.
  • coordinate the work of any additional council work force deployed in the town or parish for snow and ice clearance (i.e. direct operatives to priority areas for snow and ice clearance).

North Lincolnshire, along with many other authorities across the UK has introduced a snow warden scheme. It will be evaluated after each winter so the scheme, guidance and documentation can be improved where necessary.


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