We, as highway authority, have responsibility for maintaining the highway. This includes pavements and footpaths.

Trip hazards are a key concern at all times. Weeds, standing water and ice tend to be more seasonal problems.

Parking on the pavements can cause damage to pavements, particularly to those built from paving slabs. If you see a vehicle causing damage to a pavement by parking on it, try and collect the vehicle details and report them to us. We can then recover the full cost of the repairs from the vehicle’s driver or owner.

Anyone carrying out work on the highway must, if necessary, provide a safe diversion for both pedestrians and other traffic.

If you  need to report any defects on the highway, pavements or footpaths please use our online highway problem reporting form.

Private streets

A private street is on that is not maintained by the council. Streets that are not adopted as part of the public highway are generally in poorer condition and usually do not have a proper bituminous surface.

The responsibility for private streets lies with the street owners. These are often the people who live in properties on the street.

How do I report a private street that is unsafe?

This is usually the responsibility of the owners. If the problem in dangerous, such as deep hole suddenly appearing, the council can make it safe. We can place barriers or road closures around the hazard but the owners need to arrange permanent repairs.

How do I report a problem with gullies and drains on a private street?

If the problem is dangerous (such as a missing gully lid) then the council will arrange to make it safe. It is responsibility of the owner to arrange permanent repairs.

How do I get a private street adopted?

To get a private street adopted it must be constructed to an adoptable standard. The cost of this must be met by the street owners.

The council does not have a budget for this cannot give any financial help.

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