Mud on the road

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Mud on the road can be a serious road safety risk and is something that can affect roads at any time of the year but is generally more of a problem when there is work going on in the fields. It can also cause difficulties close to building sites.

Clearing the road of mud is the responsibility of whoever put it there – usually the landowner or whoever is carrying out work on that land – however, even sweeping can still leave problem patches and every driver needs to be aware of the dangers.

Mud, particularly if it is wet, can be very slippery and cause vehicles to lose their grip on the road. For motorcyclists and cyclists this can be particularly dangerous as they are likely to come off their bike.

Whilst most farmers and builders will try to clear the road, drivers do need to take extra care whenever they see mud on the road or any warning signs. Drivers are advised to:

  • Slow down before you get to a muddy area;
  • If you are already in  a muddy area try not to brake – take your foot off the accelerator and slow down naturally;
  • Avoid harsh steering and acceleration.

If you see mud that has not been cleared, contact the Police giving the exact location of the problem. Where the landowner has not cleared mud from the road the council can clean it up and charge the person responsible for the full cost.


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