Department for Transport funding

Safer Roads Fund

The 2016 Autumn Statement announced the Safer Roads Fund, which totals £175 million between 2017/18 and 2020/21.

The funding is targeted at improving 50 of England’s most dangerous A road sections, where the risk of collisions causing death and serious injury is highest. The Road Safety Foundation’s analysis of the country’s major road network, published in 2016, highlights where this investment should be targeted.

North Lincolnshire Council has three eligible sections of road:

  • A161 North (A18 to Goole)
  • A161 South (M180 to Beckingham)
  • A1084 (Brigg to Caistor)

All of these roads cross into neighbouring authorities, so we will need to submit joint bids to the Safer Roads Fund. We are working with our neighbouring authorities to submit bids to the Department for Transport. The application form is available to download.

This bid is for the A161 from Crowle Gyratory south to Beckingham

National Productivity Investment Fund

In the 2016 Autumn Statement, the Government announced the creation of the National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF) worth £23 billion in total. The NPIF is for investment in areas that are key to boosting productivity, including transport.

Local authorities are invited to bid for the £925 million capital fund for delivery of schemes in 2018/19 and 2019/20.

Schemes put forward for NPIF Local Road Network projects should deliver at least one of the following:

  • ease congestion and provide upgrades on important national, regional or local routes
  • unlock economic and job creation opportunities
  • enable the delivery of new housing developments

We have submitted two bids; one for a replacement railway bridge at Melton Ross, to address the issues experienced with the current bridge, improve access to Humberside Airport and improve journey time reliability for all road users; the other bid seeks to provide infrastructure to enable delivery of housing sites identified in the North Lincolnshire Housing and Employment Land Allocation Development Plan Document. The sites are located in Brigg to the north and west of the town. A map showing the location of the potential infrastructure is attached below. The road infrastructure would provide access to the potential housing sites, thereby supporting the Development Plan Document and facilitating the proposed developments.

Brigg submission

Appendix A – Brigg Road Map – Road and Junctions [PDF, 2Mb]

Melton Ross bridge submission

The application form and supporting documents for the replacement railway bridge at Melton Ross can be found below.

NPIF Application Form [PDF, 7Mb]

App B – Area Map [PDF, 450Kb]

App B – Full Map [PDF, 446Kb]

App B – Local Map [PDF, 2Mb]

App C – Carbon Calculator Scenario 2 [XLSM, 833Kb]

App C – Carbon Calculator[XLSM, 834Kb]

App D – Appraisal Summary Table [PDF, 576Kb]

App D – BCR Calculation[PDF, 198Kb]

App E – Programme of Works [PDF, 175Kb]

App E – Proposed Scheme [PDF, 394Kb]

App G – Organogram[PDF, 41Kb]

App H – Risk Management Strategy & Risk Register [PDF, 315Kb]

App I – Communications Plan [PDF, 474Kb]

App I – Stakeholder Analysis [PDF, 426Kb]

App L – Uncertainty Log [PDF, 28Kb]

App M – HGV 34km [PDF, 362Kb]

App M – HGV 46km [PDF, 364Kb]

Appendix K – Assurance & Approvals Plan [PDF, 483kb]

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