Sandbag policy

We do not have a legal duty to issue sandbags but we have a duty of care to some groups of people. For example, vulnerable people living in a council care home.

Use of sandbags at the care home as a preventative measure could help us meet our duty of care.

Stock levels

We will keep 1,000 empty sandbags in stock. We will also ensure access to an adequate supply of suitable sand at short notice.

Response priorities

Subject to available resources, we will respond according to the following priorities:

  1. Protection of members of society at risk of injury or loss of life.
  2. Protection of council property.
  3. Protection of private property.

Note: Sandbags will only be supplied when the threat of a flood exists. They are not provided for future protection of vulnerable properties.

Sandbags are available from builder’s merchants. If you are aware that your home is at a high risk of flooding, you may want to buy sandbags in advance.