Assets that manage flood risk in North Lincolnshire

Lead local flood authorities are required, under Section 21 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, to establish and maintain:

(a) a register of structures or features which, in the opinion of the authority, are likely to have a significant effect on a flood risk in its area, and

(b) a record of information about each of those structures or features, including information about ownership and state of repair.

The Act goes on to state that ‘the lead local flood authority must arrange for the register to be available for inspection at all reasonable times’.

In North Lincolnshire we have opted to adopt a web-based system that will be accessible to the public at all times, and that brings together information about flood risk assets that are managed by as many flood risk management authorities as possible.

The asset register shows structures (such as pumping stations, flood defence banks, weirs, sluices and grills) currently being used to manage flood risk and drainage across the council, along with the relevant flood risk management authority.

As far as possible, the information links existing databases so that information about flood risk and assets can be shared by operating authorities without unnecessary duplication. Each authority retains responsibility for updating and maintaining its own data, but now has greater capacity to access and make use of data held by other authorities.

We have tried to make this first release of the asset register as comprehensive as possible, but it is important to note that this is a system that will be developed and improved over time. It has not been possible yet to include every asset of which we are aware, and it is likely that there are others for which an owning or managing organisation cannot, at present, be identified. The asset register will be updated regularly, and additional information will be added as it is identified and verified.