Bus stops and shelters

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Bus stops

We are responsible for the provision of bus infrastructure in North Lincolnshire and a programme of improvements has seen changes made to stops throughout the area.

One of these improvement measures is the raising of kerbing to make it easier for those with a disability or parents with pushchairs to get on and off. Other improvements include installing a pole, green sleeve, flag and case to bus stops.

Most stops are installed where it has been custom and practice for the bus to stop. Sometimes this isn’t always the safest place. When a stop is being upgraded, consultation takes place with local residents, the operator, the public transport department and the police.

If objections are received then alternatives will be looked at, however it may be that the site chosen is the only safe and convenient place.

Bus shelters

Damage to the shelters – for example, broken panes, graffiti or structural damage – costs the council thousands of pounds a year.

Replacing glass with Perspex is one option, but Perspex isn’t as durable as glass. Graffiti on Perspex is harder to remove and so can eventually lead to more costs.

Some of the shelters installed have end panels, these are usually for extremely exposed areas. Smoking is not allowed in enclosed shelters.

Reporting damage

Please contact us with a description of the damage and the location of the bus stop or shelter.

Reports of damaged bus shelters are passed to the contractor for repair. These are then programmed to be dealt with in batches as this is more cost effective than dealing with repairs on an individual basis.  Therefore it could take a few weeks for bus shelters to be repaired.

Please report damage to shelters or stops to the customer contact centre on 01724 297000 or email public.transport@northlincs.gov.uk.


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