Maintenance, gates, stiles and enforcement

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We have a works team who complete a wayclearance programme at least twice a year between late spring and early autumn. They are also responsible for waymarking the public rights of way so that users can be sure they are on the correct route. The surface of a way need only be at a standard suitable for the desired activity to be carried out, for example, walking or horse riding.

Gates, stiles, licensing

Stiles and gates will be permitted only where they are necessary. All stiles and gates must be in situ by permission of the council (under licence), or referred to in the definitive statement. If a stile or gate is there without authority, it will constitute an unlawful obstruction and their removal will be pursued by us. If a gate is required to prevent the ingress or egress of livestock, its provision and maintenance is the responsibility of the landowner or occupier.


If there is an unlawful obstruction along a right of way, we have the authority to serve notice for its removal. Members of the public also have a right to serve notice upon us to act upon an unlawful obstruction.

Enforcement can also be taken by us if a landowner fails to delineate crop. If work has to be carried out by us, we can recover the costs, and ultimately the matter can go to the Magistrates Court.

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