Local Transport Plan 2011-2026

Integrated Transport Strategy

We are developing a new Integrated Transport Strategy for North Lincolnshire. This strategy will encompass all modes of transport and shape transport improvements across North Lincolnshire over the coming years. We are seeking views to help shape the strategy and would be grateful if you could spend a few minutes to complete the survey:

A Local Transport Plan (LTP) is a statutory document which sets out how the local authority’s strategic transport vision and how it will be delivered.

The current LTP can be downloaded below. The council will be updating this over the next year and the new LTP will be available on the council website when it has been approved.

Transport strategy:

Chapter 1 – Introduction [PDF, 91Kb]

  • What is a Local Transport Plan?
  • North Lincolnshire’s third local transport plan
  • Local Transport Plan Framework
  • Summary of chapters

Chapter 2 – Strategic Planning context [PDF, 154Kb]

  • Introduction
  • European context
  • National context
  • Regional context
  • Humber area context
  • Local context
  • Summary

Chapter 3 – Local profile, problems and challenges [PDF, 1Mb]

  • Introduction
  • Spatial profile
  • Existing transport network
  • Future travel demands
  • Summary

Chapter 4 – Local transport goals [PDF, 66kb]

  • Introduction
  • A vision for North Lincolnshire
  • Local transport goals
  • Environment, health and equality assessments
  • Performance indicators and targets
  • Summary

Chapter 5 – Consultation [PDF, 53kb]

  • Introduction
  • The consultation process
  • Who has been consulted
  • Progress made towards addressing issues raised
  • Summary

Chapter 6 – Existing transport documents [PDF, 87kb]

  • Introduction
  • North Lincolnshire’s transport strategy documents
  • Location specific – transport strategy documents
  • Summary

Chapter 7 – Transport options [PDF, 235kb]

  • Introduction
  • Major development areas
  • Infrastructure themes
  • Transport initiatives
  • Summary

Chapter 8 – Prioritisation [PDF, 107kb]

  • Introduction
  • Preferred transport options
  • Affordability
  • Deliverability and risks
  • Prioritised transport options Summary

Chapter 9 – Summary [PDF, 35kb]

  • Strategic environmental assessment

If you require further information, then please contact us.