HGV management and signing

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Moving freight efficiently and safely to and from local ports and industrial areas is important for the economy and environment of North Lincolnshire.

Freight Routes

To reduce the number of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) travelling along residential and other unsuitable roads, freight routes have been created in North Lincolnshire.

Unsuitable routes

Many roads in North Lincolnshire are not suitable for HGVs because of restrictions on weight, height or width.

Any load over 40 tonnes is classed as abnormal and the haulier must inform the police and receive permission to move it on the roads.

HGV signing

Roads unsuitable for HGVs are signed with the restrictions. These need the backing of a traffic regulation order (TRO) before they can be enforced. The council will put restrictions on roads that they consider to be unsuitable for HGVs.

If you want to report a missing or vandalised sign, please contact us.


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