Department for Transport funding

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Department for Transport’s Active Travel Fund Tranche 2

The council has received £154,850 from the Department for Transport’s Active Travel Fund Tranche 2, to improve walking and cycling facilities.

This will build on the work done in Scunthorpe Town Centre with the Tranche 1 funding.

We have produced a Stakeholder Engagement Plan[PDF, 82Kb], which sets out how we will engage with key stakeholders on our proposals over the coming weeks.


Local Transport Capital funding 2018/19 Financial Year

The Government allocated additional money in the 2018/19 financial year for local highways maintenance, including:

  • the repair of potholes
  • to keep local bridges and structures open and safe, as well as
  • to help aid other minor highway works that may be needed

The following schemes were undertaken in North Lincolnshire in the financial year 2018/19:

  • Resurfacing
  • Surface dressing
  • Re-tread
  • Micro-asphalt
  • Carriageway strengthening / schemes

For further details on each of these schemes please see below:

A1077 Barton Ferriby Road Barton A15 Interchange Gravel Pit Road 5000
Ogilvy Drive Bottesford Poole Drive / Keddington Road High Leys Road 3420
Keddington Road Bottesford Messingham Road Ogilvy Drive 1120
Poole Drive Bottesford Keddington Road Bollingbroke Road 1320
Park Avenue Bottesford High Leys Road Ogilvy Drive 1800
Donville Road Eastoft Washinghall Lane End 1260
Ings Road Kirton in Lindsey Grove Street Torksey Street 1050
C236 Ings Road Kirton in Lindsey Queen Street Torksey Street 560
C236 Torksey Street Kirton in Lindsey Ings Road Turner Street 600
Torksey Street Kirton in Lindsey Turner Street St Andrews Street 360
C236 Church Street Kirton in Lindsey B1400 Spa Hill Queen Street 920
Cornwall Street / St Andrews Street Kirton in Lindsey Church Street Surface change outside No 15 Cornwall Street 1000
B1211 Outside Singleton Birch Melton Ross Surface change at A18 junction For 480m North 3360
Andrews Road South Ferriby A1077 Sluice Road End 1050
Vicarage Lane Redbourne B1206 Church 520
School Lane Redbourne B1206 Block Paving 660
Carr Lane Redbourne B1206 Park Lane 1425
St Andrews Close Redbourne Carr Lane End 225
B1430 / A1077. Normanby Road Roundabout Scunthorpe Roundabout Roundabout 3150
Hawthorne Crescent Scunthorpe Glanville Avenue End 540
Brocklesby Road Scunthorpe Willoughby Road Angerstein Road 3690
Crossbeck Road Bottesford Chancel Road Birchwood Road 490
Raymond Road Scunthorpe Fulbeck Road End 540
Service Road to rear of Ashby Broadway Scunthorpe Bottesford Lane End 780
Covert Road Scunthorpe Rochdale Road Copse Road 510
Tamar Walk Scunthorpe Bristol Road End 420
Winterton Road / Warren Road Roundabout and Approaches Scunthorpe Roundabout and Approaches Roundabout and Approaches 1200
Henderson Avenue Roundabout Scunthorpe Henderson Avenue Henderso Avenue 2280
Hilton Avenue Scunthorpe Number 115 Clockwise to Number 59 2850
Burn Road Scunthorpe Scotter Road Hilton Avenue 1200
Frodingham Road Scunthorpe Berkeley Street Doncaster Road surface change 2450
Mill View Gardens Wrawby A18 Melton Road End including spurs 850
Peploe Lane New Holland Barrow Road End of Houses (Micro asphalt joint) 1519
Peploe Crescent New Holland Peploe Lane End 320
Orchard Close Messingham Micro asphalt joint End 162
Green Lane Belton Westgate Road End 4420
B1392 Meredyke Road Luddington Ox Pasture Lane High Street 3480
C213. Church Street / High Street Owston Ferry Church Walk North Street 7720
Westwoodside, Mill Lane Haxey Tower Hill Upperthorpe Road 1280
A159. Scotter Road.South end of Messingham Messingham 30mph South of village B1400. Brigg Road 2700
George Street Kirton in Lindsey Market Place Spa Hill 455
High St and Market Place Kirton in Lindsey B1398 South Cliff Road Queen Street 1600
St Andrews Street Kirton in Lindsey Cornwall Street Moat House Road 700
Millfields Barton upon Humber Brigg Road Tofts Road 3420
A18 Briggate Lodge roundabout approaches Broughton Bridge Street DFS 1825
A18 Scawby Road Brigg East of Yarborough Bridge over Ancholme B1206 mini roundabout 5670
Ancholme Gardens Brigg Elwes Street End 360
A18 Wrawby Road Wrawby Brigg / Wrawby boundary B1206 junction 2430
St. Barnabas Road Barnetby Victoria Road End 1050
The Rise South Ferriby A1077 High Street North End 440
Lincoln Drive, Waterlow Drive,Plymouth Close Winterton Earlsgate End 2400
Parkhill Rise Winterton B1207 Park Street End 510
Eastholme Gardens Burton upon Stather Normanby Road End 1050
Meggitt Lane Winteringham Western Green Western Green 1080
Western Green Winteringham Marsh Lane West End 1060
Oxmarsh Lane New Holland Barrow Road East of Railway line (Recycling joint) 1320
East Hann Lane Barrow B1206 Chicken Farm 2775
Hallcroft Ulceby Front Street End 800
Jericho Lane East Halton King Street End 1275
Hoylake Road Bottesford Moorwell Road South Park Road 3640
The Rise Bottesford Low Leys Road End 444
Brocklesby Road Service Road Scunthorpe Number 29 Number 59 690
B1501 Grange Lane North Scunthorpe Warley Road East Common Lane 6300
C221 Scotter Road Scunthorpe Bristol Road West Common Lane 5110
C221 Scotter Road Scunthorpe West Common Lane Burringham Road 7300
Dryden Road Scunthorpe Lichfield Avenue Burringham Road 6400
Grange lane North (Service Rd) Scunthorpe Parkers (AE Cooks) End 2119
B1450 Burringham Road Scunthorpe Willoughby Road Messingham Road 4361
B1450 Burringham Road Scunthorpe Scotter Road Dryden Road 2674
B1450 Burringham Road Scunthorpe Dryden Road Willoughby Road 4900
C166 Brumby Wood Lane Scunthorpe Howdens Hill A18 Kingsway 8000
A1029 Winterton Road Scunthorpe Warren Road Mini Mannaberg Roundabout 7362
B1450 Ashby High Street Ashby Everest Road Grange Lane South 3360
West Common Lane Scunthorpe Glover Road Scotter Road 7871.5
West Common Lane Scunthorpe Glover Road Rbt 149.5
Rowland Road Scunthorpe Ashby Road Rbt End Wortley Hotel 2520
Rowland Road Scunthorpe Rowland Road Cottage Beck Road 554.4
Berkeley Street Scunthorpe Frodingham Road Wells Street 3045.6
Lindum Street Scunthorpe Carlton Street Cole Street 1547
Swinburne Road Scunthorpe West Common Lane Lichfield Avenue 2379
Old Brumby Street Scunthorpe Ashby Road A18 Queensway 4960.8
Baildon Road Scunthorpe Dewsbury Avenue Dewsbury Avenue 2067
Foxhills Road Scunthorpe Ferry Road Portman Road 3841.5
Sandhouse Crescent Scunthorpe East Common Lane Lilac Avenue 2054
Trent Street Scunthorpe Cottage Beck Rowland Road 1215
Hempdyke Road Scunthorpe Avenue Vivian Newborn Avenue 2216.5
Magdalen Close Scunthorpe Balliol Drive End 375
Skelton Road Scunthorpe Lichfield Avenue Mededith Road 1500
Newborn Avenue Scunthorpe Hempdyke Road Avenue Vivian 1696.5
Marlborough Drive Scunthorpe East Common Lane End 617.5
Meredith Road Scunthorpe Dryden Road Skelton Road 1650
Gloucester Avenue Scunthorpe Lincoln Gardens Spalding Road 2730
Staniwell Rise Scunthorpe Chiltern Crescent End 1703
Ranby Road Scunthorpe Ferriby Road End 390
Tealby Road Scunthorpe Thoresby Road End 325
Access to Foxhills Sports Ground Scunthorpe Foxhills Road End 357.5
St Lawrences Road Scunthorpe Fardell Road Warley Road 1575
Priory Road Scunthorpe Priory Lane S/C @ Simpsons Ent 900
Cliff Street Scunthorpe Cottage Beck Rowland Road 1215
Kirby Road Scunthorpe Manby Road Enderby Road 1815
Kingerby Road Scunthorpe Manby Road Spilsby Road 1500
Wordsworth Road Scunthorpe Lichfield Avenue Mededith Road 1500
Aylesby Road Scunthorpe Morley Road End 550
Irby Road Scunthorpe Ferriby Road Spilsby Road 565
St Lawrences Place Scunthorpe St Lawrences Road St Lawrences Road 775
Access Road South End of St Lawrences Scunthorpe St Lawrences Road End 964
St Chads Scunthorpe St Lawrences Road End 650
C213 East Lound Road Haxey Graizelound Fields Road S/C End of Houses/Deres Signs 1800
Graizelound Fields Road Haxey C213 East Lound Road Deres Signs 1650
Hammerton Road Bottesford Low Leys Road High Leys Road 1770.0
Dolman Crescent Bottesford Poole Drive End 540.0
South Ridge Crescent Bottesford Brankwell Crescent End 1038.0
Cresta Drive Bottesford Hammerton Road End 864.0
Stainton Drive Bottesford Low Leys Road End 1080.0
Harrow Gardens Bottesford Poole Drive Park Avenue 720.0
Sandringham Crescent Bottesford Eton Drive End 1116.0
Hillfoot Drive Bottesford Hurst Lane End 648.0
Mason Drive Bottesford Quebec Road End 1326
Ontario Road Bottesford Quebec Road Botts Football Club 1650
St Davids Bottesford Quebec Road West View 2370
Waddingham Drive Bottesford Mason Drive End 708
West View Bottesford Quebec Road End 750
Ottawa Road Bottesford Quebec Road Ontario Road 1158
Parkin Road Bottesford Willoughby Road Keddington Road 1302.0
Brankwell Crescent Bottesford High Leys Road The Dales 1722.0
Eton Drive Bottesford Ogilvy Drive Park Avenue 2214.0
The Dales Bottesford Low Leys Road High Leys Road 1674.0
Churchill Avenue Brigg Burgess Road Wrawby Road 4284
Kings Avenue Brigg Bigby Rd St Helens 2688
Burgess Road Brigg Kings Ave Churchill Avenue 2100
Yarborough Road Brigg Burgess Road St James 1140
St Helens Road Brigg Bigby Road Yarborough Road 2850
Kennedy Close Brigg Churchill Avenue End 570
Springfield Road Brigg Yarborough Road End 396
O’Hanlon Avenue Brigg Yarborough Road Churchill Avenue 1140
St James Road Brigg Yarborough Road Churchill Avenue 1080
Churchgate Burton Darby Road Pub Car Park 780.0
Glebe Close Burton St Andrews Drive End 306.0
St Andrews Drive Burton Vicarage Crescent Glebe Close 1272.0
Welland Drive Burton Holme Drive Cliff Drive 1344.0
Witham Drive Burton Welland Drive Block Paving 300
Holme Drive Burton St Andrews Drive Holme Drive 3714.0
Ashwood Close Burton Holme Drive for 30m 180.0
Waveney Close Burton Welland Drive End 528.0
Beech Grove Burton Holme Drive End 660.0
High Grove Messingham A159 End 448.5
Briggate Drive Messingham Wendover Road End 1200.0
School Drive Messingham Briggate Drive End 624.0
Ingleby Road Messingham Kealhome Leaburn Road 876.0
Park View Messingham Church Street End 888.0
Kealholme Road Messingham Wendover Road End 2400.0
Aysgarth Avenue Messingham Kealholme Wendover Road 1068.0
Danby Road Messingham Wendover Road Aysgarth 534.0
Egton Messingham Kealholme End 528.0
Saltergate Messingham Kealholme End 756.0
Darnholme Messingham Kealholme End 870.0
Carr Lane Hibaldstow B1206 Farm Access 4330
Outgate / Black Bank Ealand Outgate End 6890
Turbary Road Haxey B1396 End 5960
Oxmarsh Lane New Holland Railway Line End 2630
West Common North Road Messingham North Moor Lane End 1830
Cross Lane Amcotts Church Street End 429.0
John Harrison Close Barrow Cherry Lane End 300
St Chad Barrow Beck Lane Cherry Lane 1025
Glanford Grove Barrow Beck Lane End 280
Thorngarth Lane Barrow Churchside Block Paving 925
North Street Barrow Thorngarth Cherry Lane 1650
Cherry Lane Barrow St Chad End 1600
Martins Close Barrow St Chad End 1350
Manor Lane Barrow Martins Close End 150
Beck Lane/Chapel Rd/Chapel Lane Broughton High Street Town Hill 2040
Access Road to Bridge Cottages Crowle A18 End 2376.0
Greengate Epworth Hollingsworth Lane Rectory Street 1650
Peploe Lane New Holland End Kerbed Section Level Crossing 570
Oxford Street Scunthorpe Ashby High Street Cornwall Street 1750
The Rowans/Birches/Weavers Croft Westwoodside 1740
Post Office Lane/Chapel Lane Whitton Main Street Church Hill 1064
Station Road Whitton Church Hill End 1180
Old Mill Whitton Main Street End 480
A161 Belton Grey Green Motorway 7800
A161 Belton Motorway Crowle Gyratory 9880
A161 Eastoft Eastoft Boltgate 5820
A161 Eastoft Eastoft Grange Eastoft 5820
Risby Road Phase 2 Winterton A1077 B1207 21000
Rosper Road S Killingholme A160 Humber Road Haven Road
A1029 Brigg Road Scunthorpe Ashbyville Grange Lane North 9750
A18 Brigg Brigg DFS Bridge Street 5490
A18/A15 Briggate Lodge & Link Broughton A18 M180 5580
C121 Scotter Road Scunthorpe Bristol Road West Common Lane 5110
C221 Scotter Road Scunthorpe West Common Lane Burringham Road 7300

The council has submitted a bid to the Department for Transport’s Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund Tranche 2B for funding to resurface the A15 from Barnetby Top to the Humber Bridge. The application form and relevant appendices can be downloaded:

DfT Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund Tranche 2B Application Form [PDF,403Kb]

Appendix A – Location Map [PDF,659Kb]

Appendix B – A15 (North) Carriageway Condition History [PDF,204Kb]

Appendix C – Andrew Percy MP [PDF,232Kb]

Appendix C – Martin Vickers MP [PDF,258Kb]

Appendix C – Leader NLC [PDF,156Kb]

Appendix C – Cabinet Member [PDF,111Kb]