North Lincolnshire Council

Car parks

We operate a range of car parks across our area and all parking restrictions within North Lincolnshire are now enforced by the council.

Electric charging points with 24 hour are available in the Scunthorpe Market car park and The Angel car park, Brigg. Motorists can charge their electric vehicles at a cost of £1 an hour.

Please note that from Sunday 24 June, Home Street car park in Scunthorpe will be closed to the public due to building work taking place.

We offer a range of long or short stay car parks to meet the needs of visitors and shoppers to our towns:

  • Allanby Street, Scunthorpe – Long Stay
  • Carlton Street, Scunthorpe – Long Stay
  • Deyne Avenue, Scunthorpe – Long Stay
  • Dunstall Street, Scunthorpe – Long Stay
  • High Street East, Scunthorpe – Long Stay
  • Home Street, Scunthorpe – Short Stay – closed from 24 June 2018 due to building work taking place
  • King Street (Rear of flats), Scunthorpe – Long Stay
  • King Street/Winterton Road, Scunthorpe – Long Stay
  • Mary Street Co-op, Scunthorpe – Short Stay
  • Mary Street West, Scunthorpe – Short Stay
  • Robert Street, Scunthorpe – Short Stay
  • Scunthorpe Market, Winterton Road, Scunthorpe – Short Stay
  • The Parishes multi-storey, Lindum Street, Scunthorpe – Short Stay
  • West Street/Chapel Street, Scunthorpe – Short Stay
  • Alexandra Road, Ashby, Scunthorpe – Long stay
  • Ashby High Street, Ashby, Scunthorpe – Long stay
  • Bottesford Road, Ashby, Scunthorpe – Short stay
  • Collum Avenue/School Road, Ashby, Scunthorpe – Long stay
  • Old Courts Road, Brigg – Long Stay
  • The Angel, Cadney Road, Brigg – Long Stay


  • Chapel Lane, Barton – 31 spaces
  • Market Lane, Barton – 13 spaces
  • Castledyke West, Barton – 21 spaces
  • Cottage Lane, Barton – 40 spaces.


  • Potts Lane, Crowle – 33 spaces


  • Church Street, Epworth – 53 spaces
  • Chapel Street Manor Court, Epworth – 12 spaces

Free parking benefits visitors to Brigg, Ashby and Scunthorpe and is to encourage more use of these town centres.

The scheme offers one free ticket a day, for each vehicle, per visit, per site. For example, you can visit Brigg and enjoy two hours free parking with a free ticket. If you choose to return to Brigg the same day, no further free ticket will be issued. However, if on the same day you choose to visit Ashby you can enjoy two hours free parking with a free ticket.

When using the free parking a free pay and display ticket must be obtained from the ticket machine and displayed in your vehicle. Instructions for obtaining a free ticket are located at the ticket machines.

You cannot transfer a free pay and display ticket obtained in one town to another. For example, a ticket obtained in Brigg cannot by used in Ashby or Scunthorpe.

If you require more than two hours in Brigg, Ashby or Scunthorpe, a ticket for the appropriate amount of time should by purchased from the ticket machine.

If a driver returns to a town where they have already purchased a ticket for that day, they will not then be able to obtain a free ticket.

Drivers can park for free all day on a Saturday and Sunday. No ticket is required.

Free after 2pm

Parishes multi-storey (short-stay) car park

Drivers parking in this car park after 2pm do not need to obtain a ticket from the pay and display machine.

Free after 3pm

Allanby Street, Scunthorpe

Drivers parking in this car park after 3pm do not need to obtain a ticket from the pay and display machine.

Blue badge holders can park free of charge in car bays in any of the car parks providing they display a current badge – wheelchair symbol to the front.

They must not park in a traffic lane or motor cycle bay.

Holders must be in the vehicle at the time of parking or leaving the car park.

Holders should not let friends/family use the badge to collect something for the badge holder if they are not travelling in the vehicle.

The journey must be for the badge holder’s benefit.  If the journey is for someone else, and the holder is a passenger staying in the vehicle the badge cannot be used.

Holders should never allow someone else to use the badge to allow them to benefit from free or better parking.

When the holder is not travelling in the vehicle the badge should be taken out so no-one else can use it.

Holders should never use the badge when is it out of date.

The badge must be on the dashboard or fascia of the vehicle where it can be seen through the windscreen.

It should be displayed showing the front of the badge – that is the side with the wheelchair symbol on it.

Holders should not reproduce or allow anybody to reproduce the badge.

For more information about blue badges and to apply online go to the blue badge scheme page.

Cashless parking is available in North Lincolnshire Council car parks. Visit our cashless parking page for more information.