Application to modify The Definitive Map

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Anyone can apply to us for the making of a modification order if you believe that the definitive map or statement is incorrect.

There are three forms of wording which must be used:

  1. Schedule 7 [PDF, 10Kb] – to be served on the council.
  2. Schedule 8 [PDF, 9Kb] – to be served on all affected owners and occupiers of the land.
  3. Schedule 9 [PDF, 9Kb] – to be sent to the council when notice has been served on all affected owners and occupiers.

Any notice or other document to be served must be done by:

  • Hand delivering it at the usual or last known home of the affected landowner
  • Recorded delivery to their usual or last known home address
  • In the case of an incorporated company, by hand or recorded delivery to the secretary or clerk at their registered or principal office

The application must also include:

  • A map at not less than 1:25,000 scale showing the claimed route
  • Copies of documentary evidence that is submitted in support of the application
  • Completed witness evidence forms [PDF, 21Kb]

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