Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service (EMTAS)

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EMTAS was previously known as the Diversity Service. It provides a professional support service to schools and academies to ensure that children and young people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds (BME) including:

  • English as an additional language (EAL)
  • Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) children
  • Refugee and Asylum seekers, especially those arriving in North Lincolnshire as a result of refugee resettlement schemes

achieve high educational outcomes and reach their full potential.

EMTAS staff are highly trained in supporting minority ethnic and EAL pupils. They are kept up to date with national research and development. They work with schools to address gaps in pupil attainment, with senior members of staff embedding best practice.

We know that nationally and locally the number of EAL and minority ethnic pupils in schools has increased. Looking at demographic trends this is likely to continue in the foreseeable future. We also know that many teachers and staff in schools have concerns in this area because they feel they lack experience or have not received relevant training and support.

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We offer schools and academies a bespoke support service where they can opt in for the elements they wish to use and be charged only for those services. The charge will vary according to the amount of Teacher/TA time requested by the school and the other components that schools wish to buy in. Actual costs are available on requests.

  • Direct teacher or TA support for new arrivals
  • Direct teacher or TA support for advanced learners at “risk of underachieving”
  • Specialist assessment (including first language assessment where applicable) and identification of learner needs
  • Targeted teacher intervention, including advice and support for schools and
    academy staff regarding the learning and inclusion needs of the pupils supported.

In order to support schools in building capacity to meet the needs of our growing number of BME, EAL and GRT pupils, we provide a range of CPD programmes to:

  • Support Senior Leadership Teams (SLT) in schools with self-evaluation and action planning
  • Empower SLT and Middle Leadership (ML) so that schools can address the needs of minority ethnic and EAL pupils effectively
  • Deliver partnership teaching with staff to model and demonstrate effective teaching and learning strategies for supporting EAL pupils (and all learners)
  • Implement Lesson Study with teachers with a particular focus on improving outcomes
  • Deliver targeted programmes in partnership with schools to address identified areas that require improvement.

Please see our EMTAS CPD plan 2018-19 [PDF, 117Kb] for more information of courses available for school staff.

Current priorities include:

  • Early Years Foundation Stage with the specific focus on Communication and Language for pupils with EAL
  • Reading across all Key Stages
  • Ensuring refugee families feel safe, settled and secure and their children are appropriately supported to reach good outcomes in schools.
  • Developing inclusive and global approaches to the curriculum

Building capacity at SLT and ML level so that schools can address the needs of minority ethnic and EAL pupils effectively – policy, practice and pedagogy – in accordance with best practice as outlined by Ofsted

Loan base – books, persona dolls, teaching resources, artefacts and CD-ROMs etc to enable schools to support their teaching on a range of diversity issues across the curriculum.

Quality assurance is inbuilt to all schools, who opt into a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with EMTAS. The vast majority of pupils supported by EMTAS make at least expected or accelerated progress (please note, the duration of support varies according to the needs of the pupils and schools). Further details of impact are available upon request.