Education Standards Board

The Education Standards Board was established in October 2013. It recognises that the accountability for overall education standards and outcomes (including for the most vulnerable) is owned collectively, and not by any single organisation or agency.

The role of the Education Standards Board is to provide the local framework for accountability for education standards and quality in North Lincolnshire.

Representatives of the Education Standards Board consists of:

  • headteachers
  • governors
  • dioceses
  • virtual school
  • fair access and inclusion panels
  • teaching school
  • Ofsted
  • Department for Education
  • senior officers of the council
  • the elected member for children, families and learning

The Partnership’s ambitions are:

  • enabling an informed and coordinated approach to improving education outcomes within a diverse education system
  • mitigating the risk of formal failure through early challenge, support and intervention to address causes of under-performance
  • promoting partnerships and alliances as the building blocks of a self-improving system
  • demanding quick turnarounds for any school or academy that falls below the standards for ‘good’
  • further improving inclusive practices and cooperation for vulnerable children
  • facilitating open and professional engagement between local schools, academies and sponsors, and with local government and the agencies of national government.

The purpose of the Education Standards Board Operating Procedures [PDF, 1Mb] is to ensure the local authority operates a consistent approach to all schools with regard to monitoring, challenge, support and intervention in schools causing concern and reporting to the Education Standards Board.

It is also to provide clear, transparent and timely processes and to communicate these processes to all stakeholders.

The Signatures of Risk Evaluation [PDF, 662Kb] is based on the learning from the first five years of the North Lincolnshire Education Standards Board. These are the recurrent issues and risks found when calling school leaders and governors to account for the weak performance of their school.

Unaddressed, these risks will contribute to poorer performance.

The Signatures of Risk is not intended to be an exhaustive list of risks against which schools can assess their performance. Governors and school leaders need to also be familiar with the detail of the Ofsted School Inspection Handbook.