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You can request items from our catalogue in person at any of our libraries, over the phone, or online.

We hold a a wide range of stock in all of our libraries, and sometimes we might need to transport an item from another North Lincolnshire library for you, or add you to a waiting list for an item already on loan to someone else.

You can also place a request for an item not currently in our stock. We do consider some items for purchase.  If we purchase an item on request for you, we charge £1 per item. Some customers are exempt from this fee. Please contact us for more details, or ask at your local library.

If the item is unavailable or unsuitable for purchase, we can borrow it from another library authority or from the British Library as an inter library loan, with your permission. 

More information

We charge more for Inter Library Loans than we do for reserving items from a North Lincolnshire library because it costs us more to get items via this system.

We currently charge customers £6 per item if we use the Inter Library Loan system. It costs us between £6 and £12, plus postage, to get the item for you. It is important that you consider this charge when opting to use the Inter Library Loan system.

If you opt to use the Inter Library Loan system but do not collect the item we have ordered for you, you will still be charged £6 for the request, as we still have to pay the larger amount to the authority that we received it from.

We cannot specify how long it will take for us to get an item via the inter library loan system. If there is a chance that you will get the item from somewhere else, or if you will not need it if it takes too long to arrive, you may decide against  using the inter library loan system.

If you have placed a reservation using the inter library loan system but have since changed your mind, please let us know as soon as possible by contacting us.

We have no control over how long you can borrow an item for via the inter library loan system. Some items are also subject to renewal fees if you wish to extend the loan period. Some items cannot be renewed.

If you do want to renew an item that has been borrowed via the inter library loan system, you will need to speak to a member of staff in person or over the phone.

Inter library loans cannot be renewed online along with other library loans you may have, but you can email us with the details if you prefer.

Many books are unavailable to buy or only available as secondhand rarities, often at high prices, so we are very fortunate to have an agreement with other library authorities to borrow some of their books and to loan them some of ours, subject to availability.  We can also apply to borrow books and journal articles from the British Library Document Supply Service.

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