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Scunthorpe Trading Card Club (TCG)

This takes place every Wednesday at Scunthorpe Central in the new Activity room on the first floor from 4pm to 6.45pm. Bring your own deck whether it’s Yugioh, Magic The Gathering, or Cardfight Vanguard and play or trade with other card gaming fans.

We operate an official approved club running exclusive sanctioned events for Yugioh, Cardfight Vanguard and Pokemon. The Pokemon Club runs every Saturday.

Anyone under eight years of age must be accompanied by an adult at any of the library clubs.

See individual card game types for more information about planned events and activities.

We also offer a not for profit card ordering service with savings on the recommended retail price (RRP) to club members. We normally carry stocks of the current booster packs, sleeves and deck boxes, but structure decks, fat packs and collector tins can be supplied on an individual basis.

Call Scunthorpe Central on 01724 860161 for more information and a quote.

Once your trading card order has been confirmed you can pay for your goods online:

Everyone is welcome to come and play casually every Wednesday between 4pm and 7pm. If you are interested come along on Wednesdays or call 01724 860161 for further information.


Weekly Pokémon Club For more information

This takes place every Saturday at the Scunthorpe Central in the first floor Activity room between 12pm and 3.45pm. Bring either your card deck or your own Pokémon game to battle others and see if your team reigns supreme!

We also Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Gamecube and Nintendo 64 games at the club. These are provided free of charge.

The Club is not directly supervised by staff and children under 8 years of age may not be left unattended at the sessions although parents are welcome to stay.

Yugioh Events

We hold a regular free Yugioh prize event on the last Wednesday of every month at the regular weekly session. In addition we also hold ad hoc prize events each month.  For details of upcoming events please contact  01724 860161.

Scunthorpe Trading Card Club meets weekly in the Activity room at Scunthorpe Central, offering Yugioh, MTG, Cardfight Vanguard and Pokemon events and tournaments. The Library also hosts a separate Pokémon League on Saturdays.  The sessions are free so drop in any time on a Wednesday between 4 – 7pm.

01724 860161

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