Study Parks

Learning through the power of sport


Study Parks represents two sports clubs in North Lincolnshire and their associated on-site Learning Centres:

  1. Study United FC
  2. Study Heslam

These two study support centres are based at Scunthorpe United Football Club and Heslam Park Rugby and Cricket Club. They offer a diverse range of services for schools. The centres use the unique environment of the club’s setting to provide a stimulating and exciting learning environment for children, young people and teaching professionals.

We are an integral part of North Lincolnshire Council and work in close partnership with colleagues across Learning, Skills and Culture to make a positive impact on a range of learner outcomes.

Study Parks deliver a range of learning programmes aimed at supporting a diverse range of learners.

We aim to make a significant contribution to:

  • raising achievement
  • narrowing attainment gaps
  • widening educational opportunities
  • engaging learners, families and communities
  • developing employability in children and young people

We are fully committed to providing high quality services which impact positively on learner outcomes.

Our services are available to all schools and academies. They are designed to offer additional personalised support for schools, based on their own priorities and development plans. Our services are either externally funded or can be purchased on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Our provision embraces a range of activities. At the heart of the offer is the ambition to improve young people’s motivation, self esteem and help them become more effective learners.

Our Learning Programme includes:

  1. Supporter 2 Reporter – project based learning
  2. Scunthorpe United Reading Stars – promoting reading through football
  3. School and community programmes – health and wellbeing programmes

Supporter 2 Reporter

Supporter 2 Reporter (S2R) is a programme where pupils improve their literacy skills by taking on the professional role of a sports reporter. The unique mix of sport and media engages learners to develop their media, enterprise and communication skills over a comprehensive 20 hour programme. It is aimed at children and young people from years 5 to 8.

Learners take part in a project based learning model to learn journalistic skills. S2R has a clear focus on communication, media and literacy. It also has the added benefit of raising self-esteem, motivation and confidence for targeted learners, as well as widening educational opportunities.

Scunthorpe United Reading Stars

Scunthorpe United Reading Stars is a programme that links literacy to football. The project has a number of strands, all of which are intended to harness children’s passion for football to improve attainment in reading.

The strands currently provided as part of the programme include:

  • access to the National Literacy Trust’s Premier Reading Stars challenge
  • two half day visits to Glanford Park (home of Scunthorpe United) for a group to take part in football themed activity lessons, for example the creation of TV shows, performance poetry or comic strip creation, as well as a number of additional reading challenges, activities and visits from SUFC players

The Reading Stars project is flexible enough to be used in both primary and secondary settings and works well for participants from years 5, 6, 7 and 8. The programme helps to make positive steps in transforming attitudes to literacy by inspiring love of reading through a passion for sport.

Bespoke school and community programmes

  • Family learning programmes
  • Health and wellbeing programmes
  • Out of school hours learning programmes

All programmes are bespoke and generally supported by external funding where possible.

Price dependent upon nature of bespoke programme – please contact centre for free consultation.