Ideas and activities for your Imagination Library books

Children get so much enjoyment from reading books. We have put together these useful help sheets to accompany selected Imagination Library books to help you get the most out of them.

May 2019

My Book of Favourite Rhymes [PDF, 1Mb] – visit the North Lincolnshire Power of Words [POW] website for rhymes to join in with

All Join In [PDF, 1Mb] – have fun identifying sounds and playing listening games, via BBC. Put on a colourful musical performance with rainbow bottle shakers, water xylophones, or rubber glove bagpipes, via CBeebies

Eric!…the hero? [PDF, 1Mb] – find out how reading impacts positive mental health, via Scottish Book Trust. Explore a range of emotions with your children
by watching Dr Radha Moghil and her puppet friends, via BBC. Picture books can be a great way to get children to discuss their feelings, find out more
at TheBookTrust

April 2019

Eyes, Nose, Toes, Peek a Boo [PDF, 1Mb] – handling books will develop your child’s physical skills, visit The BookTrust for top tips. Introduce a range of simple repetitive rhymes to help develop theirunderstanding of body parts, via the Scottish Book Trust

Sleep Tight Very Hungry Caterpillar [PDF, 861Kb] – visit Penguin for tips on making Hungry Caterpillar paper chains

Loo Queue [PDF, 1Mb] – help your little ones learn their numbers with these fun songs, via CBeebies

March 2019

Baby Touch Star [PDF, 756Kb] – sing along with Mr. Tumble as he sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, via Cbeebies. Find out more about using high contrast colours at Social Baby

Chapatti Moon [PDF, 555Kb] – children need to be active for 60 minutes a day. For fun games and information visit Change4Life

I Can Only Draw Worms [PDF, 695Kb]

February 2019

How to Tuck in your Sleepy Lion [PDF, 831Kb] – take a look at Jo Frost’s simple bedtime routine for children, via The Book Trust. Have fun singing “Wash your dirty hands, feet, face…” whilst in the bath. Listen to the ‘Sticky Kids’ song, via iTunes  

Busy Farm [PDF, 899Kb] – sing along with Ferne and Rory’s animal songs, via CBeebies

Pants [PDF, 698Kb]

January 2019

Brown Bear, Brown Bear [PDF, 737kb] – share animal rhymes with your child. Listen and sing along with Mr Tumble, via CBeebies 

Give the Dog a Bone [PDF, 580kb] – watch the FunnyBones – Give the Dog a Bone story being told, via YouTube

Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave [PDF, 838Kb]

December 2018

Dog Loves Books [PDF, 787Kb] – Create your own book buddy, via Cbeebies. Download the activity sheet from the author’s website

The Snowman [PDF, 660Kb]

November 2018

Sweet Dreams Peter [PDF, 702Kb] – Snuggle up with a favourite toy and help your child relax and get ready to sleep with these bedtime songs, via CBeebies

Grumpy Frog [PDF, 680Kb] – Watch author Ed Vere speak about the story and read aloud, via YouTube

Coat of Many Colors [PDF, 1Mb] – Listen and sing along to Dolly Parton singing ’Coat of Many Colors’ and ‘Making Fun Ain’t Funny’ at the Imagination Library website

October 2018

How to Brush Your Teeth With Snappy Croc [PDF, 707Kb] – from brushing their first tooth to their first trip to the dentist, find out how to take care of your children’s teeth, via NHS 

Peely Wally [PDF, 728Kb]

Loo Queue [PDF, 1Mb]

When I Grow Up…Builder [PDF, 1Mb]

September 2018

Is This My Nose? [PDF, 383Kb] – join in with the rhyme ‘Eyes, nose, cheeky cheeky chin’ via the Scottish Book Trust

My First Numbers [PDF, 589Kb]

Katie Morag and the Big Boy Cousins [PDF, 719Kb] – join Joseph as he goes on his first camping trip to the Lake District with his family. Watch ‘My First Camping Trip’, via Cbeebies


August 2018

My First Words [PDF, 615Kb] – your baby will really enjoy looking at themselves and others in the mirror. Join in with the rhyme ‘Eyes, nose, cheeky cheeky chin’ via the Scottish Book Trust

Shark in the Park [PDF, 654Kb] – watch author Nick Sharratt reading ‘Shark in the Park’, via YouTube

My Big Shouting Day [PDF, 677Kb] – join in with the rhyme ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’, via YouTube


July 2018

Eyes, Noes, Toes Peekaboo! [PDF, 590Kb] – introduce a range of simple repetitive rhymes where you can help develop their understanding of body parts such as,
‘Eyes, nose, cheeky cheeky chin….’ via the Scottish Book Trust

Do Dare Duck [PDF, 843Kb] – enjoy singing the nursery rhyme ‘Three Little Ducks Went Swimming One Day’ supported by simple actions. Join in with Mr Tumble, via Cbeebies

Little Red Train: Faster, Faster [PDF, 942Kb] – Tig and her Daddy go for a ride on an old steam train. Listen to the podcast, via Cbeebies


June 2018

My First Animals [PDF, 495Kb] – once your child has become familiar with the book, introduce simple rhymes. Listen to, join in and learn some nursery rhymes at home.

Goodnight Spaceman [PDF, 700Kb] – watch astronaut Tim Peake in space, via BBC Newsround. Learn how to make a rocket with Justin, via Cbeebies.

Alfie Gets in First [PDF, 600Kb] – have fun pretending to make and pour tea whilst singing ‘I’m a Little Tea Pot’, like Alfie does at the end of the story. Join in and sing with Mr Tumble, via Cbeebies.


May 2018

Things That Go [PDF, 653Kb]

Stanley’s Café [PDF, 517Kb] – does your child know about healthy foods and foods we should have in moderation? Visit Change4Life for lots of fun ideas to help your child stay healthy. Cook with your child to develop maths and coordination skills and encourage adventurous eating, via Cbeebies

Captain Jack and the Pirates [PDF, 520Kb] – practice your listening skills with Cbeebies Radio. There are sounds all around us at the beach. What can you hear when you stop and listen?


April 2018

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star [PDF, 462Kb] – sing along and learn lots of new nursery rhymes, via Cbeebies

What am I? Tractor [PDF, 645Kb] – watch ‘Farmer Dan, The Story of Major the Tractor’, via YouTube 

The Creepy Crawly Caterpillar [PDF, 656Kb] – watch author Eric Carle reading his book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, via YouTube


March 2018

Spot Bakes A Cake [PDF, 598Kb] – sing along with Mr.Tumble to Happy Birthday, via Cbeebies.

Chapatti Moon [PDF, 574Kb]


February 2018

How To Tuck In Your Sleepy Lion [PDF, 517Kb] –  what does your child like to play with in the bath? ‘Wash Your Dirty Hands’ by the Sticky Kids is a great bath time song to sing. Listen via Youtube

A Quiet Day in the Jungle [PDF, 563Kb]

The Wolf Who Cried Boy! [PDF, 528Kb] – help your child make friends at Primary school with this advice from Cbeebies


January 2018

In The Night Garden [PDF, 474kb] – sing along with your friends from the Night Garden with Cbeebies. Listen to ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’ at The Scottish Book Trust 

Slug Needs A Hug [PDF, 443kb] – find out about snails with Cbeebies. Give your children a hug every day and tell them you love them. Watch Sesame Street: Everyone Needs A Hug, via YouTube 

I’m Ready to Explore My World [PDF, 442Kb]