Planning Appeals

The simplest way to submit a Planning Appeal is online via the Planning Portal.

Submit a planning appeal

Does making an appeal cost anything?

There is usually no fee for making an appeal, but some types of enforcement notices appeal need a fee.

The only costs you may incur will be if you have used an agent, consultant or solicitor to prepare your case.

Who can appeal?

Only the person (or company) that made the planning application to the council can appeal.

What is the appeal process?

Making an appeal against a planning decision is a complex process.  The Planning Portal website offers guidance on all aspects of the appeals

If you are considering submitting an appeal the Planning Portal provide Appeal Guidance Booklets which explains each process in more detail.

Is there a time limit for making an appeal?

An appeal must be submitted within the following time scales:

  • Householder – 12 weeks from date of decision
  • Minor commercial – 12 weeks from date of decision
  • Advert Consent – eight weeks from date of decision
  • Listed Building Consent – six months from date of decision
  • Other Applications – six months from date of decision
  • Enforcement Notice – 28 days

Can I view current planning and enforcement appeals?

Planning and enforcement appeals can be searched online at the Planning Portal to find up to date information.

Search the Planning Portal for an appeal

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