North Lincolnshire Monitoring Report

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The North Lincolnshire Monitoring Report 2013 assesses and considers the performance of the Local Development Framework (LDF) during the period April 2012 to March 2013.

This monitoring report is an evidence base document that updates the North Lincolnshire Monitoring Report 2012.

This updated document will be used by North Lincolnshire Council to aid development of the Local Development Framework (LDF).

Why monitor the Local Development Framework?

Monitoring is essential to establish what is happening now and what may happen in the future, and then compare these trends against existing policies and targets to determine whether action is required. Monitoring helps to address questions like:

  • Are policies achieving their objectives, and in particular are they delivering sustainable development?
  • Have policies had unintended consequences?
  • Are the assumptions and objectives behind policies still relevant?
  • Are the targets being achieved?

Key Monitoring Tasks

This Monitoring Report has been prepared following the adoption of the North Lincolnshire Core Strategy DPD in June 2011.

It contains details relating to:

  • the timetable specified in the Local Development Scheme
  • adopted Core Strategy policy indicators
  • the availability of a five year housing land supply.

The key role of this monitoring report is to assess the implementation of policies in the Core Strategy DPD, which sets out the spatial planning framework for the development of North Lincolnshire up to 2026.