Employment Land Review (ELR)

This Employment Land Review Update 2013 provides an assessment of employment land in North Lincolnshire and is an evidence base document that will support local employment land policies.

It updates the Employment Land Review October 2011 and has been undertaken in order to include as up to date information as possible about existing sites and to consider new sites that could be included in the employment land portfolio.

It is intended that findings from this updated Employment Land Review will be used by North Lincolnshire Council to aid development of the Local Development Framework (LDF) and identify long-term employment land provision in the area.

It is a key component of the LDF evidence base and performs the following main functions:

  • assesses the suitability of sites for employment development;
  • looks to safeguard the best sites in the face of competition from other higher value uses
  • identifies sites that are no longer suitable for employment development that should be made available for other uses
  • identifies an up to date and balanced portfolio of employment sites in the LDF

It does not allocate or de-allocate sites – this is done through the Housing & Employment Land Allocations DPD.