Listed buildings in North Lincolnshire

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Listing a building or structure means that it has been recognised as nationally important.  When buildings are listed they are placed on statutory lists of buildings of ‘special architectural or historic interest’. The Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport is responsible for compiling the lists.  English Heritage provides expert advice on which buildings meet the criteria for listing, and for administering the process.


Why are buildings listed?

Buildings are judged according to a set of standards. The main criteria used to select listed buildings are:

  • Architectural interest
  • Historic interest
  • Group value

The older and rarer a building is, the more likely it is to be listed. All buildings built before 1700 that survive in anything like their original condition are listed, as are most built between 1700 and 1840. After that date, the criteria become tighter, because of the much larger numbers that have survived. Post-1945 buildings have to be exceptionally important to be listed.

The buildings are classified in grades to show their relative importance as follows:

Grade I – These are buildings of exceptional interest (only about 2 per cent of listed buildings are in this grade).

Grade II* – These are particularly important buildings of more than special interest (some four per cent of listed buildings).

Grade II – These are buildings of special interest. Every effort should be made to preserve them.


Which buildings are listed in North Lincolnshire?

There are 914 listings in North Lincolnshire.  You can search the English Heritage List for England or contact the North Lincolnshire Historic Environment Record to get details of these buildings. You can also view locations of these under the Environment section on our interactive map.

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