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The Lincolnshire Historic Landscape Characterisation (HLC) Project was completed in 2011.  It was a partnership between North Lincolnshire Council, English Heritage, Lincolnshire County Council, North-East Lincolnshire Council, The Lincolnshire Wolds Countryside Service, and several Lincolnshire district councils.

HLC describes the landscape of the historic county of Lincolnshire in terms of the existing features seen today, and in terms of the processes by which they were formed. Using a GIS (Geographical Information System), the historic character of the landscape was mapped for every field. This allows us to interpret the modern environment with reference back to how it has developed, and helps to identify what is historically important about particular landscapes.

The data will be used to inform future planning and conservation strategy, and will be a useful resource for historical research.

Using old and new maps as a reference, HLC divides the landscape into broad character types such as agricultural land, woodland, settlement, industry and several other categories. Each broad type can be subdivided into more specific HLC types. For example an area with the broad type ‘Settlement’ might be given a sub-type such as ‘Farm Complex’, ‘Village Core’ or ‘Country House’. Thus, HLC can be used to view the whole landscape, either very broadly or in much more specific terms.

HLC data is now available to the public and to heritage professionals through the North Lincolnshire Historic Environment Record (HER).  You may also download the text and GIS data on the Lincolnshire Council website.

In addition, the Isle of Axholme has been designated in the Local Plan as an Area of Special Historic Landscape Interest, under saved policy LC14. The justification for this was an earlier study of landscape character, commissioned by the former Countryside Commission in 1997.

The 1997 Isle of Axholme historic landscape characterisation project [PDF, 4.79MB] is available to download.

You can also visit the HER or request a search of the HER.

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