Commission a Historic Environment Record search

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Consultants or contractors who are preparing desk-based assessments for planning applications or environmental statements can request a search of the North Lincolnshire Historic Environment Record (HER).

HER searches cost £150 for the first hour and £75 for each subsequent hour (VAT not payable). Before we start a search, we ask for:

  • A map or a GIS table showing the search area, or a central grid reference with radius of search
  • An order number or job code
  • A signed agreement (Generic Licence 2019) that will limit the use of our data to a single project

The results will be supplied by email, normally as a set of reports in PDF format. These reports include the designation status of sites, and text from the HER database records. Reports detailing archaeological events will also be included in the results, as will Historic Landscape Character (2011) records where appropriate.

Most consultants now require spatial data in GIS format. GIS tables will include both point data and polygons for designated and non-designated heritage assets.

Our electronic data should be regarded as ‘baseline’ information, and does not represent all the information available from the HER. Other sources and former record sheets are available as PDF documents and an be supplied within reason at no further charge if requested. A desk-based assessment may require a personal visit to look at resources only available on paper.

North Lincolnshire HER data available on the Heritage Gateway website is not suitable for planning related searches.

To commission a search, please contact Alison Williams on alison.williams@northlincs.gov.uk or 01724 297000.