Environmental Management

At North Lincolnshire Council, we have had an environmental policy since 1998, which provides the basis for our environmental management system. We have an environmental management system that is accredited to ISO14001, an International Standard, which many councils’ in the UK have achieved already, or are working towards.

Our Environmental Policy

Our policy outlines the councils’ aims and objectives and how we will achieve our commitments:

  1. Operate an environmental management system which enables the council to set objectives and targets, monitor performance and make this information publicly available
  2. Raise awareness amongst staff of the council’s environmental policy and objectives
  3. Provide information and encourage an open dialogue with the local community on environmental issues
  4. Work with and encourage council contractors and suppliers to set environmental standards similar to those of the council
  5. Ensure the council complies with all relevant environmental legislation
  6. Enforce regulations and give advice to local industry and businesses
  7. Encourage and support the sustainable use of local materials and expertise

Read our full Environmental Policy [PDF] for more information.