Light Pollution

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Light pollution can be described as artificial light allowed to illuminate, or pollute, areas not intended to be lit.

Sources of light pollution include:

  • security lights that light up buildings and their surroundings
  • floodlights used to illuminate games pitches, places of entertainment and buildings
  • street lighting
  • advertising and display lighting

The council can investigate light that is causing a Statutory Nuisance. This does not include general interference of your view of the night sky.

Light nuisance

Light nuisance from residential properties should be reported to the council’s Environmental Health (Communities) team on 01724 297000.

Light nuisance from sports grounds, commercial, industrial and agricultural premises is investigated by the council’s Environmental Health (Commercial) team on 01724 297561.

Getting light right

For simple tips on how to get your floodlight working best for you and the environment, refer to the GOV.UK website.

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