Industrial Emissions

Certain businesses are required to ensure that they are controlling the amount they pollute.

In the UK the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016, set out which businesses are required by law to be regulated. These businesses will need an environmental permit to operate. If they operate without a permit they are breaking the law and can be prosecuted.

The legislation provides a framework for operators of processes listed in Schedule 1 of the Regulations to apply to the local council or the Environment Agency to obtain a permit to carry out the activities. These activities are classified as follows:

  • Part A (1): Large, potentially highly polluting activities such as British Steel and Koppers. These are regulated by the Environment Agency, and enquiries about these should be directed to them.
  • Part A(2): Medium scale processes. These are regulated by local councils for various aspects of the operations including emissions to land, water and air, energy and raw materials usage, waste minimisation, accident prevention and noise emissions.
  • Part B: Smaller and less energy intensive activities. Again regulated by local councils but the scope is restricted to emissions to air.

Any person operating a process for which a permit is required must submit an application, with a fee, to the council or Environment Agency. They will then issue an environmental permit in accordance with Government guidance, which will include a number of conditions.

The operator of the process must then comply with the permit conditions and it is the role of the Environmental Health (Commercial) Team to inspect the processes to ensure compliance. The council can prosecute operators who do not comply with the conditions of the permit.

North Lincolnshire Council holds a public register of Part B and A2 installations regulated by the council.

The council also holds a public register for certain Environment Agency regulated sites within North Lincolnshire. This information does not include comprehensive monitoring data and is only held by the council in paper format at Church Square House, Scunthorpe. If you wish to view this information, please contact the Environmental Health (Commercial) Team.  Further information regarding Environment Agency public registers can be found on the Environment Agency website.

View the register online

If you operate a business that involves any of the following activities you should contact the Environmental Health (Commercial) Team who will be able to advise you on the correct course of action.

  • Gasification
  • Combustion activities (not waste oil)
  • Waste oil burners (0.4-3MW)
  • Storage at terminals
  • Service stations
  • Iron and steel/ferrous metals
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Cement and lime
  • Asbestos
  • Other minerals
  • Glass
  • Ceramics
  • Organic and inorganic chemicals
  • Acid activities/surface treating of metals and plastics
  • Bulk chemicals
  • Incineration (not cremation)
  • Cremation
  • Di-isocyanate
  • Tar and bitumen
  • Coating (not dry cleaners)
  • Dry cleaners
  • Coating manufacture
  • Timber
  • Rubber
  • Animal and plant Treatment/animal and vegetable treatment
  • Waste oil burners (under 0.4 MW)

Application for a Service Station Permit [PDF, 257Kb]

Application for a Road Vehicle Resprayers Permit [PDF, 343Kb]

Application for a Dry Cleaners Permit [PDF, 248Kb]

Application for a Pet Food Manufacturing Permit [PDF, 450Kb]

Application for a Mineral Drying and Cooling Installation Permit [PDF, 525Kb]

Application for a China and Ball Clay Process Permit (including the spray drying of ceramics) [PDF, 526Kb]

Application for a Permit for Crushing and Screening Brick Tiles and Concrete in Mobile Plant [PDF, 546Kb]

Application for a Roadstone Coating Installation Permit [PDF, 615Kb]

Application for a Quarry Process [PDF, 499Kb]

Application for an Installation Exfoliating Vermiculite and Expanding Perlite Permit [PDF, 677Kb]

Application for a Permit for Coal, Coke, Coal Products and Petroleum Coke Processes [PDF, 675Kb]

Application for a Permit for a Heavy Clay Goods and Refractory Goods Manufacturing Installation [PDF, 760Kb]

Application for a Permit for Blending, Packaging, Loading, Unloading and Use of Bulk Cement [PDF, 617Kb]

Application for a Permit for a Timber and Manufacture of Wood-Based Products Installation [PDF, 580Kb]

Application to Declare Reduced Operation Permit [PDF, 43Kb]

Application for a Part B Permit [PDF, 271Kb]

Application to Vary a Part B Permit [PDF, 326Kb]

Application to Transfer a Part B Permit [PDF, 266Kb]

Application to Surrender a Part B Permit [PDF, 348Kb]

Application for a Part A2 Permit [PDF, 386Kb]

Application to Vary a Part A2 Permit [PDF, 430Kb]

Application to Transfer a Part A2 Permit [PDF, 354Kb]

Application to Surrender a Part A2 Permit [PDF, 262Kb]

Credit Reference Authorisation Form [PDF, 103Kb]

The current fees and charges for the financial year 2017-18 are available for Part A2 Installations [PDF, 192Kb] and Part B Installations [PDF, 280Kb].

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