Environmental Information and Enforcement Policy

The Environmental Information Regulations 2004 allows members of the public to request access to environmental information held by the council.

If you are enquiring about a plot of land then the following minimum information will be required:

  1. A plan of the site clearly showing the boundary
  2. A full postal address
  3. Where possible a 12 figure grid reference
  4. A list of questions you want to ask about the land and any surrounding land
  5. If the query relates to the potential impact other adjacent sites may have on the site you are enquiring about, then you will need to specify a maximum zone of influence for your query. This might be a zone of 250m, 500m or 1km for example

Once a request for environmental information has been received, we will look at the request and determine whether:

  • the information requested can be disclosed
  • the information requested is already held by the council in list form or as part of a public register which would not attract a charge

If the information can be disclosed and is not part of an existing list or Public Register a charge will be made as set out below:

  • First hour (minimum charge) £84
  • Each subsequent hour £84

Requests can be made via the Self Service Portal or via the Contact Centre.
Upon receipt of payment, we will have 20 days to respond to the request for information.

Public Register information is free to access. North Lincolnshire Council holds a public register of Part B and A2 installations regulated by us. The Environmental Permit Public Register can be viewed on our Environmental Permit page.

Information about land which is Contaminated Land can be found at our Contaminated Land Determinations page.

Other information is available to inspect at council offices free of charge.

We also hold a public register for certain Environment Agency regulated sites within North Lincolnshire. This information does not include comprehensive monitoring data and is only held by the council in paper format at the Church Square House, Scunthorpe office. If you wish to view this information, please contact the Environmental Health (Commercial) Team.

Further information regarding Environment Agency public registers can be found on the Environment Agency website.

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