Abandoned Vehicles

Before reporting an abandoned vehicle to us, you need to check a vehicle’s MOT history online. A car with a current MOT certificate is unlikely to be abandoned.

Burnt-out vehicles and vehicles parked in a dangerous location are the responsibility of Humberside Police via 101.

Further information

Abandoned vehicles are often:

  • left in the same location for long periods of time and unattended
  • neglected, in poor condition or vandalised
  • leaking fluids, such as oil and coolant etc

An abandoned vehicle is NOT a vehicle that is regularly parked badly or left in a troublesome place.

Before contacting us, it is possible to do your own checks to see if a vehicle is abandoned. The check vehicle MOT history tool will show you a car’s history. If a vehicle has a current MOT certificate, it is unlikely to be abandoned.

If a vehicle has been left in a dangerous location, you need to inform the police by calling 101.

We are unable to take action if a vehicle has been parked in an inconvenient location or it has not been there for a long period of time. If a vehicle is regularly parked badly or left in a troublesome place, try speaking to the owner.

You can use our online form to report an abandoned vehicle. Please make sure you attach a photograph of the vehicle you are complaining about. This will enable us to deal with your complaint as quickly as possible.

We will investigate the vehicle within two working days of it being reported. Once we have determined that there is no local registered keeper, we may remove a vehicle and dispose of it via recycling.

Anyone found to have abandoned a vehicle may be issued with a £200 fixed penalty notice or prosecuted.

You can report abandoned vehicles to us here:

To pay a Fixed Penalty Notice, please use our online form:

Pay a Fixed Penalty Notice

Untaxed vehicles should be reported directly to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) using their online form

Report an untaxed vehicle to the DVLA

Alternatively contact the DVLA directly on  08000 325 202.

01724 297000



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