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Telecare is the name given to electronic equipment which can support people to remain independent in their own homes.

Equipment can help someone feel safe and secure within their home and also offer family and carers peace of mind and reassurance.

An alarm or sensor can be worn by the person or placed around the home. This enables the person to directly seek help or, when a sensor is automatically triggered, alerts a call centre or an on site carer that the person requires assistance.

When an individual triggers their alarm or an automatic sensor raises an alert this will link directly to a 24 hour call centre.

The call centre staff will be able to offer advice and reassurance and contact someone who is an identified responder and/or the emergency services to visit the person to offer support.

There are lots of different types of equipment and many situations when Telecare can help.

Examples include:

  • When someone feels vulnerable due to age, health issues, or disability
  • When someone lives alone and feels isolated
  • When someone is returning home from hospital or care
  • To offer reassurance and peace of mind to family and carers
  • When someone has a history of falls or is at risk of falling
  • When someone is at risk of wandering out of the home alone
  • When someone cannot react to emergencies within the house such as fire or floods
  • When someone is unable to react to changes in the environment – extreme changes in room temperature
  • When someone becomes ill
  • When someone has carers that need to be alerted within the same property
  • When someone wishes to develop their independence
  • Pendant alarm and lifeline box
  • Bed and chair sensors
  • Prompts and reminders
  • Enuresis sensor (for those with continence problems)
  • Falls detector
  • Epilepsy sensor
  • Home pager or Care Assist
  • Property exit sensors
  • Property security features
  • Bogus caller button
  • Environmental sensors

There are more details about these options in the information sheets in the documents section of this page and you can visit our interactive Telecare house to see the range of equipment available:

Telecare equipment is offered as part of the Rehab and Reablement Service to support people leaving hospital or receiving intermediate care for a time limited period. This service is free of charge up to six weeks to help individuals regain their confidence and independence.

If you are already eligible and receiving support with your care needs funded by North Lincolnshire Council, you can discuss Telecare with your allocated worker/team.

If you  feel you require support with your care needs or telecare, you can request a care assessment.

If you do not meet the eligibility criteria for support, Telecare can be purchased privately through the Care Call service or from other Telecare providers.

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