Positive steps

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The Positive Steps Working Group is a group of local young people dedicated to promoting positive mental health in young people.

Services and support for children and young people’s emotional health and wellbeing are changing.

To help with the change, the North Lincolnshire Children and Young People’s Emotional Health and Wellbeing Transformation Plan has been developed.

A full version of the plan can be accessed on the CCG website

Through the North Lincolnshire Youth Council, young people have developed a simpler version of the CYP version Transformation Plan 2017 [PDF, 492Kb].  This version is for:

  • children
  • young people
  • parents
  • carers

It will help make sense of:

  • why things need to change
  • what’s happened already
  • what’s going to happen
  • when it’s going to happen

If you’re a young person who would like to ‘have your say’ about this plan, you can get involved in the Positive Steps Working Group below.

The Positive Steps Working Group is a group of local young people, supported by agency representatives, who are dedicated to promoting positive emotional wellbeing and mental health in young people.

Young people’s views relating to their emotional wellbeing and mental health have been highlighted in a range of engagement methods. These include Make Your Mark, Lifestyle Surveys and young people’s groups, including the North Lincolnshire Youth Council.

The Positive Steps Working Group has taken a lead in raising awareness and developing positive messages to encourage and support young people to take positive steps to improve their own emotional health and wellbeing. The group also works directly with partners to help shape and influence local information, services and support.

The NLYC Positive Steps leaflet [PDF, 6Mb] was developed for young people by young people. It has been widely distributed to schools, colleges and other settings to give young people some suggestions about the steps they can take to improve their emotional wellbeing as follows:

  1. Accept who you are
  2. Talk about it
  3. Do something you enjoy
  4. Sleep well, eat well
  5. Spend quality time with others

The Positive Steps Working Group meets regularly to talk about issues and work on new ways to raise awareness and promote positive messages.  If you’re a young person who’d like to get involved, or if you have any comments, feedback or suggestions please contact young.voice@northlincs.gov.uk.