Market shaping

North Lincolnshire Council’s ‘One Vision’ is committed to provide vulnerable adults, children, families and carers with real choice and control over their own lives in a way that is best for them to feel supported and transform lives. This can mean support for people in the community and whilst receiving support in registered care settings.

My Life My Choice aims to make sure that support options and solutions are available to anyone who needs care and support. This strategy looks at how Adult services will help bring about real choices for everyone and continue to make sure that they are available for you when you need them and are specific to your needs.

What does this mean for you?

Our One Vision aims to ensure that anyone who needs care and support services can find solutions to meet their needs, through enhancing their quality of life:

  • Independence – access to what you need
  • Respect – deciding what your needs are
  • In Control – knowing how much money you can have?
  • Involved – designing your own support plan
  • Healthy – staying healthy and recovering from illness
  • Safe – feeling secure in your own home
  • Confident in the Future – pursuing a fulfilling life

What does putting people at the centre mean?

Local people and commissioners have strong relationships and work together to meet people’s aspirations for the future and shape the local direction.

How do we do this?

Seek to bring the principles of:

  • ‘We asked’ – what health and wellbeing services would be needed?
  • ‘You said’ – Feedback from local people using effective methods that works for them
  • ‘We did’ – Tell local people what has happened so far.

What have we done so far?

‘We asked’
  • What people thought about living in a care home
  • Involved the ‘Thinkers Group’ (people with a learning disability) in reviewing an easy read version of the Market Position Statement 2014 [PDF, 2Mb]
  • People and carers attended two ‘all Means All’ events with a focus on transforming complex care
  • What is it like for people receiving floating support services
  • Carers to be directly involved in the development of an All Age Carers Commissioning Strategy.
‘You said’
  • The views of people about residential care came under the following themes: Information, Partnerships, Person Centred, Rehab and Reablement, Short Stays and Communities
  • People with a learning disability give feedback on an easy read version of the Transforming Complex Care Market Position Statement
  • Great news about new housing developments and more specialist housing is needed plus other celebrations, improvements needed and ideas for action
  • Most people who were asked about floating support were positive about updating of the service
  • Carers welcomed the plan to involve them more and told us what difference the plan would make (6 outcome statements)
‘We did’

North Lincolnshire Council carried out a Residential Care Review Report 2013-2015 [PDF, 326 Kb].

The report summarises the finding of the review. The aims of the review were to understand the current care home market, individual expectations for the future, national influences and levels of need.

We want to ensure that we have:

  • the right care and services
  • at the right time
  • in the right place
  • now and in the future