What our foster carers say about fostering

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These are just some of the things our foster carers have told us :

  • “I wasn’t ready to hang up my apron and stop being a mum”
  • “We find fostering very rewarding”
  • “Children are fascinating, funny, challenging and unique. Every day they make you laugh; they often amaze you”
  • “They are hard work but so rewarding”
  • “To see a first tooth or first step is a privilege and we are very fortunate”
  • “We take a great pride in improving their lives and giving them a good (better) start in life”
  • “When the child is doing great you feel a great sense of achievement”
  • “When children you have in care start making plans for the future, you know they are comfortable and confident enough to not just think of surviving the here and now but are looking forward and making plans. They have dreams. I always smile when they do that”
  • “When you get a child to feel a sense of pride in themselves”
  • “When a little one puts their arm round you and snuggles into your neck”
  • “Just to watch them thrive and overcome their obstacles”
  • If you would like further information or want to discuss any issue or questions you have please contact us. We will be happy to help.

Read what our award winning foster carer has to say about fostering.

Jodie says “Fostering is hard, but equally just as brilliant”. She gives a few snippets of her experiences below while she has five minutes to spare:

If I’m having a day where I’m struggling, these are some of the moments I go to in my head to remind myself why I like (probably actually love) what I do.

  • Recently coming back from holiday – nothing special, just a happy Haven caravan type holiday – the type where you bring your grown up to do the dance on stage (cue all grown ups hiding under the tables).  When we came home, my teeny person (let’s call her Tinkerbell) wrapped her arms around my neck and told me “you are SO special for taking me on holiday”. That made me smile a lot. For the whole week she had been in awe of everything and I knew she loved it.
  • The time I took on a different name for three whole weeks!! A young man came to stay with us for a while. The first night went reasonably well. The next morning I was woken up by a tapping on the bedroom door (fantastic, he listened and didn’t barge straight in!) “Julie, Julie, is it time to get up now Julie?”. Now I will admit it did take me a minute and I did find myself wondering who on earth Julie was (because that is not my name!). The moment passed and we got busy with getting up and on and so I didn’t correct him on my name….hence I became Julie for three weeks!!
  • The time Tink’s sister was telling me excitedly what she had been doing at school “pole dancing at church”. Yes, I actually spat my coffee out! It took a while to get to the bottom of what she actually meant. She had been picked for Maypole dancing at the church demonstration!
  • Another funny moment was when Tink and her sister were packing to go on holiday, but my five minutes is up and I feel that story deserves its own special guest slot next time!

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer, North Lincolnshire Council is always looking out for potential carers. Give them a ring. Have a chat and get some advice. They are nice and don’t bite!