Long term foster care

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Make a difference to a child’s life – become a foster carer

When all efforts to reunite a child with their parents or extended family have been exhausted, a plan will be made that the child needs permanency. Sometimes this will be through adoption and through long term foster care.

Long term foster carers make a commitment to the children who live with them. Children and young people need to feel they have a safe, stable placement and will sometimes ‘test’ the placement by challenging their carers. Long term foster carers need to be prepared to stick with their foster child with the support of the fostering services team and other involved professionals.

Young people who have enjoyed successful long term placements usually remain in contact with their carers into adulthood. Long term fostering should be viewed as a life long commitment.

To find out what it’s like to be a long term foster carer, read what our award winning foster carer has to say.

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