Butterflies Carers for children with a disability

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We are looking for Butterflies carers to join us in caring for disabled children. Butterflies carers help children with disabilities and their main carers by offering them short breaks. It gives them a chance to take a breather from full time caring responsibilities. It doesn’t matter how much you love your child. There are times when all parents need a break! Especially when you have the additional challenges that caring for a disabled child or a child with complex medical needs can bring.

Butterflies short break fostering helps the main carers who look after a disabled child by offering them a much needed break.

More information

As a Butterflies carer, you will be linked with a family and will be able to work closely with them to make the necessary arrangements for the child’s care. Often you will be invited to meet the child a few times before you take on the role. You will spend time building a relationship and learning about care routines. It is also a chance to find out fun things like favourite foods and activities to help you plan your break with the child. You will be allocated your own social worker who will help you understand the role and make sure you are trained and supported to care for the linked child.

Short breaks usually take place over a regular weekend once a month. Sometimes families need an odd extra night or two in emergencies. It’s amazing what you can do with a weekend! Share a break with a child and make a major difference to their family too.

Butterflies carers are offered all the benefits of full-time foster carers. This includes:

  • A nominated social worker who will provide formal support and supervision
  • Practical support and advice via support groups and a duty system
  • Training before you start caring for a child to help you understand more about fostering and support care
  • Training in a range of essential subjects once you have started caring for a child
  • Additional training to meet the specific needs of the child
  • Opportunities to attend specialist training and develop particular skills and knowledge as well as follow formal qualification routes such as NVQ
  • Social support—from meeting other carers to discounts and offers on local attractions and special events
  • Allowances to cover the cost of looking after the child while they are in your care
  • Some specified expenses can also be claimed, for example, travel as agreed for each placement

Taking the first step is simple. Just give us a ring on 01724 297074 or complete the online enquiry form.

Our friendly professional duty team will arrange to chat through a few things on the phone. They will arrange an appointment to visit you and to make sure Butterflies caring is the right thing for you and your family. The social worker who visits you will also explain about the next steps. For example, the checks and references we need to undertake and the full process of becoming a Butterflies foster carer.

It usually takes between five and six months to be approved. This includes making sure you have had the initial training and you have the support you need to get started and make a success of your role.