Learning Disability Services

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Who are the Complex Disabilities Team?

We are integrated within North Lincolnshire Council and Rotherham Doncaster South Humberside NHS Foundation Trust (RDasH). We work to provide better services for people with learning disabilities. We support people who have a substantial learning disability with more complex needs.  We have support from the best teams available from social workers and disability nurses, to occupational therapists.


We work to support young people into adulthood following the transitions pathway.  Transition from school or college is a time of opportunity, change and challenge for all. A social worker from adult services will start to meet and get to know you from the age of 14 (but no later than 17). This will depend on your level of need and the support you require. For further information please contact the team.

How can I be referred?

Anyone can be referred to the community teams for advice, information and support. It may be you, your family or someone you know, for example your doctor (GP) or a member of the practice.

What we can help you with

  • Assessment and reviews – know your needs and achieve your planned outcomes
  • Information, advice and signposting to other services
  • Health – information and advice
  • Relationships and lifestyle
  • Crisis Intervention and safeguarding adults

How to contact us

You can contact us yourself or through a family member on your behalf. Someone from the team will contact you to discuss your needs. This can be done at your home or somewhere else like work or our offices.  We will always provide information support and advice to access further services including how to get support.

Working together to support people with complex needs and learning disabilities

We work closely with senior practitioners, behavioural support officers and a team of social workers and external providers.

For support and advice please call 01724 298222

What can we help you with?

We can:

  • Work with you and teach you new skills to help your needs
  • Support you to have a choice, respect, friendship and be part of the community
  • Teach those around you how to help you to stay calm and find new ways to deal with what upsets or angers you
  • Use a person-centred approach
  • Listen to you and the people who know you best
  • Work with your family and people you live with to help you feel happier

Making a referral

All referrals come via the Integrated Learning Disability Services

Once a referral is made – What happens next?

We will:

  • Arrange a meeting with you to meet you and your family
  • Carry out observations and assessments
  • Work with you and those you know to learn new positive behaviours
  • Meet your family/carer/key worker to talk about ideas and recommendations