Commissioning Strategy for Vulnerable Adults

How we work together to improve outcomes for vulnerable adults living in North Lincolnshire.

North Lincolnshire Integrated Commissioning Strategy for Adults 2020/24

The North Lincolnshire Integrated Commissioning Strategy for Adults [PDF, 1.2Mb] clarifies our integrated approach and commissioning intent in relation to health and social care for adults in North Lincolnshire.

We have tried to make this document as accessible as possible. If you require a different format, please contact us. You can read our Accessibility Statement on our website.

Our ambition is for North Lincolnshire to be best place to live, work, visit and invest where people are safe, well, prosperous and connected. We will achieve this through implementation of our shared strategic priorities. These are:

  • Enabling self care
  • Care closer to home
  • Right care right place
  • Best use of resources

This strategy is to enable Health and Social Care Services working with adults, families and carers to have a shared understanding and ambition for the people of North Lincolnshire.

It signals an intent to work together and integrate both services and our commissioning functions where these improve outcomes, and to prioritise those where they have additional need.

The strategy will inform adults, families and carers, stakeholders and others of our commissioning intent. The intent being based upon national and local guidance, data and intelligence and the views of adults, families and carers – as well as from practice wisdom and best practice.

The strategy will form the work of, and be monitored by, the Integrated Adults Partnership. It will provide a channel between this, the Place Partnership and the Health and Wellbeing Board.

We welcome the opportunity to talk to existing or potential service providers to develop solutions for vulnerable adults.

If you are considering developing opportunities in North Lincolnshire please contact us.