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Children’s Centres news and updates

On this page you will find our latest information and updates for families in North Lincolnshire.

The Children’s Centres manage two nurseries in Scunthorpe. They provide childcare for children and support the two year and three year childcare funding offer.

Children under three years are cared for at the Daisy Chains nursery which is based within Henderson Avenue Children’s Centre. Three year olds are cared for at the Poppy Fields nursery based within West Street Children’s Centre.

The Poppy Fields nursery has just completed an extension and they have places available. There are still a few places available at Daisy Chains.

For further information please telephone the Children’s Centre on 01724 296605.

The Healthy Start scheme is available for families and is means tested to income. More details can be found on the Healthy Start website, the help line on 0345 607 6823 or by calling into a Centre for a booklet and application form.  A midwife or health visitor will also be able to help.

The scheme is available for pregnant women and young children. Families who qualify for the scheme are sent vouchers for free fruit, vegetables, milk and vitamins for their family.

For families who don’t qualify for the scheme, vitamins can be purchased from the Centres at £1.50 for children and £1 for adults.

Take a look at our short video clip on Healthy start vitamins