Adoption – book box scheme

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The Book Box Loan scheme is in place to assist those working with adopted children or parenting adopted children.

The book boxes provide resources for:

  •  partners
  •  service users
  •  children

to promote understanding of adoption and to help prepare children for adoption.

It recognises the research around the effective use of story telling and how this can be used to help promote a child’s emotional well-being.

One book does not work for every child and so the boxes give a collection of different books that can be used.

The boxes are divided as follows:

  • Pre-adoptive placement -This box contains a variety of different resources that can be used with a child to help them understand about adoption and how to deal with the variety of different emotions they may experience. It helps them understand about the different kinds of families and reasons why they cannot grow up with their birth family.
  • Boxes for when a child is in their adoptive placement – For children in their adoptive placement. It contains books to help children understand their situation and to manage a range of different emotions.
  • Boxes for teens – Specific resources that can be used with adopted teenagers.

If you are interested in taking part in the book box loan scheme, please contact the Adoption Service on adoption@northlincs.gov.uk or call 01724 297024.