Are you interested in a career in social work?

Working together

Children matter. It’s a simple statement, but one that every children’s Social Worker in Yorkshire and the Humber region wholeheartedly believes. It’s what unites us and it’s why as the UK’s biggest region outside of London, we’ve come together in a unique way.

All of our 15 local authorities are working together as one big team – listening to all of the challenges highlighted in the Professor David Thorpe Safeguarding Research and the areas identified for improvement by our own individual teams.

By sharing knowledge and experience in this collaborative way we can drive our standards of care higher and ensure children throughout Yorkshire and the Humber feel safe.

But none of this is possible without the dedication of highly trained Children’s Social Workers. So we’ve made a Pledge that when you work in Yorkshire and the Humber, we will work harder to support you with the challenges of your role.

We know things aren’t perfect and there’s still more work to be done. But we are committed to staying on this journey to give you the leadership and support you need, quality time with children, manageable caseloads and more efficient ways of working.

Interested in a career in social work? Already a practitioner?

A website aimed at raising the profile of social work and encouraging more people into the profession is proving a great resource for existing and new practitioners.

The Children Social Work Matters website encourages children’s services practitioners to register to keep up-to-date with changes in the world of social work. There is also a secure space to share tools, access training and draw on the specialisms of other staff across the region’s 15 councils. By joining forces, we aim to share knowledge and experience and continue to offer high standards of support to children, young people and families.

If you are interested in a career in social work the website offers information about university courses and careers in social work, access to case studies and short videos of current practitioners. You can take part in the quiz, contact a champion, search for jobs, access the blog and much more.