Public put Jake Grittenden top of the gritter names poll

Council News
11:49, Thursday, 4th November 2021

TV celebrity and Scunthorpe boy Jake Quickenden has said having a gritting lorry named after him is “probably the highlight of my career”.

The name Jake Grittenden topped a list of ten names voted for by the public after North Lincolnshire Council asked for suggestions.

Thousands of people submitted names and then voted, with Jake emerging the clear winner.

Rodger Spreaderer and I Want To Break Freeze were the second and third most popular names.

Jake said: “To be fair, I thought that everyone in Scunny hated me, so I’m really happy!

“I’m always going to be a Scunny boy through and through. I was born here, all my friends and family are still here, so it’s nice when something like this happens.

“It’s a bit of fun and I don’t take myself too seriously.

“Now I’ve got a gritter named after me, it’s brilliant.

“It’s probably the highlight of my career, to be honest!”

Leader of North Lincolnshire Council Rob Waltham said: “It’s been brilliant how everyone across the county has joined in to come up with these hilarious names, and Jake is a worthy winner.

“This is also a good time to thank our gritter drivers, who turn out when the rest of us are asleep, often in terrible weather, to keep the roads safe.”

The winter gritting season has already begun and the council’s fleet of newly-named gritters are now on standby, ready to patrol the streets of North Lincolnshire.

The list of winning names is:
Jake Grittenden
Rodger Spreaderer
I Want To Break Freeze
Salting Matilda
Gritasaurus Rex
Basil Salty
The Duke of Spreadingborough
Aunty Freeze
Thaw and Order
Ready Salted