Parents invited to comment on school admission arrangements

Council News
10:02, Tuesday, 24th December 2019

North Lincolnshire Council is not making any changes to the admission arrangements for its schools for the 2021/22 intake year.

Some of the academies and other schools in North Lincolnshire that are responsible for their own admission arrangements are proposing to make changes for the 2021/22 intake year which require public consultation and the council is coordinating these consultations on behalf of the following academies and schools:

“Melior Community Academy would like agreement from the Local Authority (LA) and the local community for the published admission number (PAN) at Melior Community Academy to be reduced from the current PAN of 190 to 180. As an academy we have a contract with the Department for Education and the PAN included and agreed within this document is set at 180 and therefore we are looking to rectify this disparity. In addition, currently the pupil numbers are below 180 in all year groups (Year 7 – 149 pupils) and the predictions provided to the academy of future pupil numbers, based on local demographics, are also below 180 per year group. We therefore believe that moving the PAN to 180 will still provide sufficient places within the local area.

We would like to ensure that the academy can continue to provide the most appropriate learning environment for all students thus facilitating continuing school improvement and we also need to be mindful of future resource planning and management including staffing and resources management to ensure the academy continues to be financially secure.

We are more than happy to increase the PAN of the academy to 210 at a later date if there is demand within the local area for additional places to be provided.”

“St Peter & St Paul Church of England Primary School is seeking to add a small area of land covering 18 houses into its catchment area. The area in question is at the end of Ennerdale Road and covers number 38 to 58 and 89 to 101. This was not included in the original catchment area as it was not intended to build houses there. Since that time the land has been sold and houses built as part of the development the school serves.”

Full copies of the proposed arrangements and further details of the consultation are available on our school admissions consultation page.

The schools listed above are consulting on their admissions arrangements from Friday 20 December 2019 to Friday 31 January 2020. Parents can send their comments on the proposed changes in the admission arrangements to sean.kendrew@northlincs.gov.uk or via post to Sean Kendrew, Access Manager (Admissions and Transport), North Lincolnshire Council, PO Box 35, Station Road, Brigg, North Lincolnshire, DN20 8XJ.

Cllr David Rose, cabinet member for Children, Families and Learning said:

“Although the council is not changing the arrangements for its schools, we want to make sure all schools admissions arrangements in the area are fair and allow each child in North Lincolnshire the best start in life. We welcome your comments about the proposed changes some schools and academies are looking to make.

“If you would like your say, visit our website for more detailed information and send us your comments before the deadline in January to ensure your views are heard.”