Have your say on the future development of Worlaby

Planning and Environment
10:43, Monday, 19th April 2021

Local people are being invited to share their comments on the Worlaby Parish Neighbourhood Plan, helping to shape the future development of the village.

Neighbourhood plans are community-led policy documents and help to give residents a greater say in how the areas they live develop. Plans concern the use of land and contain proposals for how local people wish to improve their area and what facilities they want to see.

If adopted, neighbourhood plans form part of the wider North Lincolnshire Development Plan and are used by the council when considering planning applications.

The Worlaby Neighbourhood Plan has been developed by steering group members from Worlaby Parish Council, with input from local residents. The document sets out policies which aim to protect the special character of the parish and encourage development proposals that benefit the local community.

Now local people have the opportunity to comment on the plan as part of a consultation period. This lasts for six weeks, from Monday 19 April to 5pm on Monday 31 May 2021.

A copy of the plan and supporting documents are available to view on the Neighbourhood Planning section of the council website. To comment, please complete the Worlaby Neighbourhood Plan survey form online.

Alternatively, people can send written comments by post to: Place Planning Team, Economy & Growth, North Lincolnshire Council, Church Square House, 30-40 High St., Scunthorpe, DN15 6NL.

People can provide comments on any chapter, section, or policy within the plan. In each case, people are asked to make it clear whether they support, support with modifications, or oppose what is being proposed, outlining any changes they would like to see.

Peter Jones, Chair of the Worlaby Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, said:

“Worlaby is a small rural community and the Neighbourhood Plan is the result of four years’ effort by residents and parish councillors. Residents were consulted on their views of the future of the parish at every step of the process – by public meetings, postal surveys, and social evenings with email consultation of external organisations.

“These views were included in the Neighbourhood Plan in the form of policies that will influence planning decisions until 2038.

“We are proud of the plan and how it has been developed and now look forward to hearing local views on this final version.”

After the consultation period has ended any appropriate amendments will be made to the plan. North Lincolnshire Council will then arrange for an independent examination to be carried out.

If it is recommended by the examiner the Council will then arrange a referendum in which local people will be given the chance to vote on whether they support the plan.

From there, if it is then supported by the local community at referendum, the Worlaby Parish Neighbourhood Plan will be adopted by full council. It will then be considered when planning decisions are made.

For more information about the neighbourhood plan process please contact North Lincolnshire Council’s Place Planning Team by email: spatial.planning@northlincs.gov.uk.