Britcon prove to be good neighbours to nursery in University building project

Schools, Libraries and Learning
21:06, Monday, 9th September 2019

Children at Scunthorpe’s Toybox Nursery have expressed their thanks to civil engineering and building company Britcon for being good neighbours.

Britcon are currently transforming the Grade II listed former Civic Centre on Ashby Road into a new first class campus as part of the University Campus North Lincolnshire (UCNL) scheme.

Toybox Nursery sits just a stone’s throw from the former council office, and staff were worried that noise from the building work would disrupt the children and the nursery.

Nursery owner and Managing Director, David Brown, said: “It’s a sensitive space and we were worried that building work for months on end next door would disturb the peace of the nursery.

“However, Britcon have been superb. We’ve forged an excellent relationship with them and they’ve kept the disruption to a minimum for us.”

In July, the nursery held a Rhyme Challenge, and Britcon agreed to stop work for over an hour to allow the children to have their event.

Jackie Brown, Toybox Co-owner and Director, added: “It meant so much to us and the children that Britcon agreed to stop work for us and our event. They didn’t have to do that for us and it just shows how neighbourly they’ve been to us throughout the project.”

To thank the builders for ceasing work during the Rhyme Challenge, children at Toybox Nursery made a thank you card for the builders and presented it to Site Manager Kenny Sewell and Senior Contracts Manager Andy Toyne.

Site Manager, Kenny Sewell, said:

“We have been working on this project for five months. The civic building we are refurbishing has many complicated external interfaces. With this in mind it is important that we maintain a high standard of communication and consideration with people around us.

“We are fully aware of and appreciate the disturbance site works can have on the community around us and are delighted and honoured to receive such a thoughtful card of thanks from the children and staff at Toy Box Nursery. We would like to extend our thanks to the children, staff and parents for their patience during the works on site.”

The completed scheme at the former Civic Centre will include a new lecture theatre in the old Council Chamber, and will see the former office rooms converted into teaching spaces with capacity for 24 to 30 students.

A library and specialist IT labs have been installed as part of the first phase of the transformation. A second phase will see the introduction of engineering and health laboratories, as well as further work on the second and third floors to provide more teaching and conference facilities and more social spaces.

The first students will start at the University Campus North Lincolnshire later this month, following £2.3m of Government funding through the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership to fund the transformation.