Northern Lincolnshire Broadband project

The Northern Lincolnshire Broadband project was established by North Lincolnshire Council to deliver the Government’s Broadband Strategy and is a partnership between North and North East Lincolnshire Council.

The local project has seen one of the fastest deployments across the country. This has been achieved without the use of external consultants, generating significant savings that have been invested in the roll out.

Phase 1 – Completion of the first phase of the Northern Lincolnshire Broadband programme extended coverage in the area to 97 per cent. A total of £1.18m public funding was invested, which saw over 5,000 homes and businesses connected to superfast broadband.

Phase 2 – a further £2.9m was invested to extend fibre coverage to a further 2,300 homes and businesses resulting in 98.5 per cent coverage of superfast broadband by June 2018. This phase saw the deployment of both fibre to the premise and to remote node structures for the first time.

Phase 3 – North Lincolnshire Council now intends to procure further coverage of NGA broadband infrastructure (capable of delivering download speeds of at least 30 Mbps) in areas within its Programme Area where such broadband is currently unavailable.

As part of this new procurement process, North Lincolnshire Council published an Open Market Review (OMR) to establish existing and planned (those over the next three years) commercial coverage of broadband services across the North Lincolnshire Broadband area by all existing, and any prospective, NGA broadband infrastructure providers. This process started on the 6 August and closed 3 September 2019.

Public consultation

North Lincolnshire Council now intends to conduct a further open procurement in respect of the remaining area without NGA broadband infrastructure (known as “white NGA”) for more information and to read this document, visit our current consultations page.

Your broadband

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