Whether you’re looking for an investment opportunity to set up a business, or develop your company, North Lincolnshire is the perfect place to be.

We are uniquely placed to offer businesses an extensive rail, port, air and road infrastructure that acts as a global gateway, providing direct access to the UK and the rest of world.

Attracting business both foreign and organic is also important to the regeneration of North Lincolnshire. Through regeneration and development come business and investment opportunities which in turn help our economy grow and flourish.

Visit the Invest in North Lincolnshire website to find out what opportunities there are for your business here:

Lincolnshire Lakes

This transformational project aims to deliver a high quality residential, business and recreation environment centered around a unique and breathtaking network of vast lakes.


Trent flood defence scheme

The £13.3m defence scheme will see 3.8km (2.2miles) of sheet piles installed along the east bank of the river from Keadby Bridge down to the M180 bridge.


Digital infrastructure

By working with service-providers and supporting the development of our digital networks, we will be enabling infrastructure that drives economic growth and productivity, and ensuring North Lincolnshire remains a place to live, work, visit and invest.


SSE Keadby Wind Farm Community Fund

A WIND farm developer has brought a 34-turbine site to North Lincolnshire and has pledged more than £8.5 million for community projects.