Trading Standards – Primary Production Food and Feed

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We advise, carry out inspections and undertake sampling at premises where Primary Production of food is carried out and throughout the whole animal feed chain (from production to the feeding of Food Producing Animals).

Our aim is to ensure that all farms, feed manufacturers, feed wholesalers, feed retailers and feed importers in North Lincolnshire comply with every aspect of the food hygiene (primary production) and feed legislation.

This includes issues relating to:

  • composition
  • quality
  • labelling
  • advertising
  • presentation

This is done so consumers know that:

  • labels are truthful
  • The primary production of foods and animal feeds comply with minimum standards where appropriate
  • additives included in food and feed products are within permitted limits
  • health claims are substantiated
  • all known allergens are declared
  • materials in contact with food (primary production) and animal feed are safe
  • all foods (primary production) and feeds are used in a timely manner and within any best before/use buy dates

We carry out the following:

  • Regularly visit food primary producers (farms and market gardens), feed packers, feed manufacturers, feed retailers and feed importers
  • Advise new traders¬†about business start up
  • Submit food (primary production) and feed samples to the public analyst
  • Approval or registration of premises under EC Feed Hygiene Regulation (183/2005)

In addition to monitoring local traders we also participate in surveys of imported foods and feeds on behalf of the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

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