Young people and housing

If I want to leave home, what are my options?

It is far better, if possible, to leave home when you are able to make a planned move. In most cases your parent or guardian should be responsible for you until you are 18 but you may need to remain at home until you are older than that if you wish to have choice about where you move to and are able to save up some money to make this possible.

Although, you are able to apply to the council’s Housing Register at 16, you will not be able to be considered for a tenancy in independent social housing until your are 18 in most cases.

For information on Supported Lodgings visit the PHASE website, email or call 01724 840230.


It can be very difficult living in overcrowded conditions, but please think carefully before moving or asking a family member to move out. Teenagers and young people, in particular, will find it very hard to get a place of their own to live if they are asked to move out.

Rearranging things where you are now or mediation might help so that you don’t need to move, or so that someone does not have to leave your home.

If you are already on the waiting list with Home Choice Lincs or another housing association they might be able to help you but you should remember that their waiting lists are often very long.

Make sure that they know about your situation and check that the information they have for you is correct. If they have not got the up to date information about where you live or who lives there, you might be able to move further up the list when the new information is put on. Being willing to live in a wide range of areas will also help.

Please note: We would not recommend leaving a housing association property to go into private rent to get a bigger house without first seeking advice.