Supported and Sheltered Housing

Supported Housing

North Lincolnshire Council’s First Stop service provides access to supported housing for single homeless people or those at risk of becoming homeless. The service works together with probation, social services, drug and alcohol services, prisons, police, mental health services, and many more. Supported Housing is temporary accommodation and is available for anyone aged 18 years and over.

The main aim of Supported Housing is to provide good quality housing related support to vulnerable people, to enable them to live independently in the future and sustain their own tenancies.

To access this service please liaise with your support worker as self referrals are not accepted.

Supported Accommodation Referral Form (for agencies only) [DOC, 241Kb]


Specialist and Long Term Supported Housing

For advice for people with a learning disability please see the following guides Housing options:  A guide for family carers of people with a learning disability [PDF, 1Mb] and also Housing options: Information for people with a learning disability[PDF, 2Mb].


Floating Housing Related Support

North Lincolnshire Council’s First Stop Service provides a single referral access point for housing related support.

Support is available to those who already have housing and require help to sustain their  tenancy or to those who require help to find suitable housing.

The main aim of Floating Support is to provide good quality housing related support to vulnerable people, to enable them to sustain their own tenancies.

To access this service please complete a Floating Support Referral Form[DOC, 356Kb].

If you have health problems, a disability or you are an older person and struggling to manage your property please contact Adult Services.


Sheltered housing

Sheltered housing is designed for older people. The accommodation is fitted with emergency pull cords connected to a 24 hour call centre that will provide help in the event of an emergency.

Sheltered housing is usually available to people over the age of 60, however, can be made available to people who are younger with special housing needs.

Tenants of sheltered housing can have visits from a support worker to help them with any housing or tenancy related issues.

There are a number of sheltered and supported housing schemes in North Lincolnshire available through various housing associations. For details about specific sheltered or supported schemes, please contact individual housing associations.

Many of the sheltered housing schemes are now advertised on HomeChoiceLincs. You will need to register with HomeChoiceLincs to apply for these.